Running with a Team

Dr. Lisa Gonzales is a 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassador, and a 7-time pacer for the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon and 5-time pacer for the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. She is a head coach for South Bay RUN365 club and is USATF certified. As rewarding as it is, running can often be a very insular sport where it’s ... More

Train Smarter with Guidance and Insight with the Fitbit Ionic

As people are becoming more conscientious on improving and maintaining their health, the advancements in technology allow us to assess our own health status by data-tracking information right through our smartwatches. Admittedly, I try to keep the bells and whistles in my life to a minimum but the more I used my Fitbit Ionic, the more I ... More

“Ready to Run” (…Despite the Wildfires)

Written by Scott Benbow Scott Benbow is a 2018 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassador This past autumn, the devastating fires in Paradise, California claimed the lives of many while uprooting families and destroying property. Having lost loved ones, property, and pets, it will be years before some of the survivors return to any ... More

Making Running A Personal And Community Adventure

Four months after running her first marathon at the Biofreeze SF Marathon, Katie Burns took 39 minutes off her personal best at CIM. The marathon is an event like no other, one where elites and the everyday runners challenge their minds and bodies for 26.2 unrelenting miles together on the same course. Each runner’s story is vastly ... More

Running and Weight Loss?

By Stephanie Laska, M.Ed Stephanie is an Ambassador for the 2018 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. I’ve lost 140 pounds, about half of my body weight. I didn’t have surgery or use medication; I lost the weight the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise. I understand that’s not a sexy answer. People want a quick fix, a ... More

Coming Back From an Injury

Contributed by Kelli Hashimoto, a 2018 Ambassador for the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon and Berkeley Half Marathon. Imagine this: you are getting excited to start training for your upcoming race and just like that, you find yourself dealing with a nagging injury. For us runners, being injured is the absolute worst thing that can ... More

Our Running Stories: Mother and Daughter (times two!)

Contributed by Lisa Gonzales, a 2018 Ambassador for The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. In high school, my after school time was spent at the track at Gilroy High School, but let’s get something straight. I wasn’t that fast. Don’t get me wrong, I could hold my own, yet my little “pee wee” legs weren’t enough to challenge all ... More

Running with a Pace Group

Contributed by Lisa Gonzales, a 2018 Ambassador for The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. Are you a first time half marathoner? Do you have a tendency to go out too quickly in a race and end up running out of gas before the finish line? Do you have a goal to run a faster race? If you answered yes to any of these questions or if you just ... More

Running with a Training Team

Contributed by Lisa Gonzales, a 2018 Ambassador for The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. Here’s something to consider...running with a training team. Sure, I can probably help you come up with some reasons why it won’t work: you don’t have the time, it’s too much effort, the schedule won’t be flexible enough for you, and a half ... More

How To Overcome Running Challenges

Contributed by David Lam, a 2018 Ambassador for The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon.  Through the course of our experiences as runners, we’ll be faced with many challenges that can catch us on our heels. These challenges can be in the form of injuries, a waning motivation to run, or terrible weather conditions on race day (see The ... More