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Your time is invaluable, and we appreciate your support! Get compensated for your efforts by joining our volunteer team. By filling out our form, we’ll find you the ideal position for our events and keep you updated on opportunities. We’re also recruiting paid Community Ambassadors; if you’re active in running groups, gyms, or hiking circles, help us promote our events and get paid for your efforts!

  • Join as a Paid Volunteer: Volunteers are the heartbeat of our events, and we highly value their contributions. Whether you’re interested in local, domestic, or international opportunities, there’s a role for you as a paid community grassroots leader.
  • Individual Roles – Get Paid to Lead: Earn while contributing by taking on roles as event managers, leaders, or part of our support crews. Make a difference and receive compensation for your valuable time and efforts.
  • Group Efforts – Earn Donations: Groups can also make meaningful contributions and earn donations by assisting in various areas along the event courses. Your support helps us give back to the community.
  • Stay in the Loop – Register Today: Register with us to be listed as a potential paid volunteer. We’ll reach out when we need your support and check your availability for upcoming events.
  • Upcoming Opportunities – Join Us: Be a part of our events, including The San Francisco Marathon in late July, the Berkeley Half Marathon in mid to late October, and our monthly trail runs or running training programs.
Ready to Make a Difference While Earning? Fill out the volunteer form below, and we’ll contact you within one week. Your participation is crucial, and your contributions directly impact our community. We’re thrilled to welcome you during race weekend!

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Earn your reg with the community!

What’s better than earning a free registration? Do it by serving your running community at our race on Sunday, November 19th! That’s right, simply pick one of the shifts here, show up to work on Sunday and your runner will be reimbursed post-event.  We will have to verify your attendance before we can reimburse the fees.

Thank you for your support!

Interested in Performing or in Creating a Cheer Station?

Course entertainment helps to keep runner spirits and vigor up during the race! If you are interested in performing or cheering at the Berkeley Half Marathon, please contact us at


We are always looking for individuals or groups of musicians, roving performers, etc. who have a proven track record of engaging, interactive public performances in a variety of settings. 

Cheer Stations

For the participants along the route, spectator participation is crucial. We welcome unique cheer station ideas for groups of 10 – 30 people. Art cars and other types of eye-catching cheer zones are ideal!

Volunteer Code of Conduct and Guidelines

The Berkeley Half Marathon staff requires that you read and adhere to all volunteer guidelines. We expect all volunteers to act in such a manner to help create a positive, safe, and fun atmosphere for all runners and spectators.

As race week approaches, your team leader will be provided with more detailed information about your role. If you have any questions or comments about our guidelines or need any additional information, please contact