Tower Refundable Registration

For a limited time only, participants can select a Tower Refundable Registration which permits you to request a refund of your initial Race Registration purchase if you cannot attend the Race due to certain circumstances. This option can only be added at the original time of purchase and cannot be added later. Please read the following carefully to decide if you wish to add this option to your registration.

  • What are the Refundable Terms?

    A Refundable Term is an unforeseen or emergency circumstance that prevents you from Attending the Race. Refundable Terms include:

    • Illness/Injury/Medical Condition

    • Death of Immediate Family

    • Jury Service/Court Summons

    • Home Emergency

    • Armed Forces and Emergency Services Recall

    • Emergency Circumstances*

    You can find a complete description of Terms and Conditions here.

    *Please note, the term “emergency circumstances” is an unforeseen or emergency circumstance completely outside of your control that does not fall into a pre-defined category. Any refund pursuant to this term shall be at the sole discretion of BHM and will require the specific supporting documentation listed in the Refundable Terms.

  • What items are eligible for Refund?

    If you selected Tower Refundable Registration at the time of your initial Race Registration purchase, and if you cannot attend the Race for a reason listed as a Refundable Term, the following are eligible for a refund: Race Registration, and if applicable BART & or VIP Tickets only. 

    Items not eligible for a refund include, and are not limited to, any and all processing fees, the refund fee, or any items not purchased at the time of the initial Race Registration and thereafter shipped to you. Further, any add-ons or changes made after your initial purchase (like VIP, BART, apparel, merchandise, or race upgrades), and Training & Virtual purchases are NOT eligible for the refund purchase option. 

    If approved, the refund will be issued directly to the credit card you used when making the purchase, after your completion of an online Tower Refund Application Form. The refund request can be initiated any time from the date of your initial Race Registration purchase to thirty (30) days before the Race (October 15th, 2023) (“Refund Application Period”). Please note that if the Race is rescheduled or canceled, the Refundable Terms do NOT apply. Any items you purchased in the initial Race Registration purchase (with refund option) that were shipped to you, such as an apparel item, will not be refunded.

  • What is the fee for Refundable Registration?

    The handling fee for a Tower Refundable Registration is ten percent (10%) of your initial Race Registration cart’s full purchase price (registration plus any additional products or merchandise purchased).

  • How do I apply for a Refund?

    Please email customer support at  for a Tower Refund application. The request must contain your Order number and/ or your registration ID (included in your registration confirmation email). BHM will consider multiple Refund Applications for eligible purchases but reserves the right to refuse additional Refund Applications if BHM suspects abuse of the Refund Application process.


  • How long will it take to process my request?

    Tower Refund applications will be reviewed in the order they are received, please allow 3 to 6 weeks for processing.

  • When can I apply for a Refund?

    You can request a no questions asked refund up to August 30th, 2023. After 8/30/23, if you cannot attend the race for a reason listed under the Refundable Terms, you may apply for a refund via the online Tower Refund Application up to October 15th, 2023, for up to thirty (30) days prior to the Race date.

  • What happens if my circumstance is not included in the Refundable Terms?

    If you believe that your circumstance is “unforeseen” and/or classified as an “emergency” then you may apply for a refund through the online Tower Refund Application Form. Your case, along with any supporting documentation, will be reviewed by BHM. If BHM determines, in its sole discretion, that your circumstance falls within an “unforeseen” or “emergency” category then BHM will grant you a refund. If you are not eligible for a refund under the Tower refund Terms, you may choose to:  1) Defer your Registration to 2024 at no additional costs. 2) Convert to a Virtual Race option at no additional costs.

  • What is excluded from the Tower Refundable Terms?

    Any circumstance that is not detailed in the Refundable Terms, nor deemed an unforeseen and/or emergency circumstance, is not eligible for a refund. Please find a list of specific exclusions in our Refundable Terms under “Refunds Not Issued.”

    Race cancellations or changes of Race dates are NOT Refundable Terms. If the Race is canceled due to poor air quality and health concerns as a result of wildfires, you may be entitled to a refund. However, this refund will be entirely dependent on the determination of third-party insurance providers separate from the Refundable Registration protection option offered herein and is outside the control of The Berkeley Half Marathon, Inc. and its affiliates.

    Race cancellations, by either BHM and/or a government agency, due to Covid-19-related circumstances, are NOT Refundable Terms; however, if you have purchased a Refundable Registration, you may opt to transfer your registration to a Virtual Race option or defer your Registration 2024 without additional fees.

    The Refundable Terms are only applicable to personal unforeseen and emergency circumstances that prevent you from attending the Race. 

  • Are Covid-19 related circumstances included?

    No, Covid-19 is not covered under the list of refundable terms.


For questions or to request a Tower Refund application, please contact us at

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