10 Tips to Run Your Best 10k

Written by Kelli Hashimoto. Kelli is a 2019 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador and avid runner. You can learn more from her on Instagram at @_kellinickole


The 10K distance is the perfect distance for first-time runners and seasoned runners alike. While running 6.2 miles isn’t an easy feat by any means, anyone can set out and challenge themselves with the distance. Here are ten tips to help you run your best 10k race at the 2019 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon:

  1. Respect the distance. Whether you are racing the distance for the first time or the 100th time, respect that you will still need to prepare for the challenge. 
  2. Build endurance. Increase your weekly mileage slowly and extend your long runs by 10% each week. If this is your first 10k, we recommend finding a beginner training plan that fits within your schedule to avoid injury. 
  3. Adding in speedwork. If you already feel comfortable with the distance, it may be time to add in some speedwork, especially if you are looking to improve your time. Try out a fartlek or tempo run, both workouts can be done on the road or a track!
  4. Train at slower paces. Though this contradicts the last bullet point, the concept to train slower to run faster holds true. In addition to adding speedwork, keep some of your other runs at a slow and easy pace. This will help you to build mileage while helping your muscles to recover and avoid injury.
  5. Incorporate strength training. Any experienced runner will remind you about the importance of strength training. Focus on leg and core exercises to improve your strength and reduce the risk of injury. 
  6. Rest and recovery are important. As with training for any distance, it is crucial to listen to your body and take the time to allow your muscles to recover. Take rest days when you need to and you’ll make it to the start line, ready to run your best race.
  7. Stay motivated with mantras. Staying motivated and managing your positive self-talk during your runs will make every mile more enjoyable. A few of my personal favorites are “believe in yourself” and “mind over matter.” My mantra are constant reminders to myself that I can get through any run, no matter how tough it feels at the time.
  8. Simulate the race. If you’re local, go out and run the 10k course for practice! If that isn’t an option, find a route that is similar and practice your race execution. The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon website even has an elevation chart so you can better prepare when to charge up hills and at what mile markers.


  1. Plan out your race morning plans beforehand. Hopefully you have all the information you need to prepare for your race morning. Make sure you check out Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon’s website for race weekend logistics. Here you will learn about race weekend events, start locations and times, travel information, spectator information, and more! By knowing these details, you will allow yourself extra time to use the bathroom and get to the start line feeling stress-free.
  2. Start slow, finish fast. It is easy to get caught in the adrenaline rush as you start the first mile. Aim to start slow and finish fast, you’ll thank us for this tip in the last mile


We wish you the best in training for your first 10k and look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon!

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