A group of people enjoy the Berkeley Half Marathon together. Find people to run with.

Keep Motivated: How to Find People to Run With

Training for a Half-Marathon can be an exhilarating journey but a potentially challenging one, especially for beginner and intermediate runners. However, you can do one thing to make the process more enjoyable and successful: find people to run with. Training partners provide accountability, motivation, and a sense of community. Let's explore ... More

Runners in their half marathon gear run along the Bay

Gearing Up for Success: Half Marathon Gear You Should Bring to Enhance Your Race

What gear you bring (or don't bring) can make or break your race. Additionally, the right gear can help you perform your best on race day, but it can also make training more comfortable and enjoyable. While you can certainly do without some things on this list, there are also many other essentials that should be considered. Let's look at ... More

Runners enjoy the Berkeley Half Marathon; how to race a 10k

How to Race a 10K: 10 Expert Tips to Improve Your Performance

Running a 10K race is an exciting and rewarding challenge that anyone can take on, especially with the right training and preparation. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a beginner, completing a 10k race requires mental focus, good pacing, and endurance. Here are 10 tips on how to race a 10K to help you prepare for and run your best race. ... More

Running could greatly improve your mental wellness

Mental Wellness: Could Running Improve More than Your Physical Health?

While it’s well known that exercise has a myriad of positive effects on people's physical health, many believe it can greatly improve mental wellness as well. Written by Lucas Collins Edited by Pavlína Marek A daily jog or gym routine can often leave you sore and exhausted, however, it can also bring an undeniable feeling of ... More

A young family running with a stroller, berkeley trails for running with a stroller

5 Best Berkeley Trails for Running with a Stroller

"Start 'em young," they say. However, nobody ever specified how young. Maybe "stroller age" is the best time to start them, then! Here are five best Berkeley trails for running with a stroller. Written & edited by Pavlína Marek So, you're ready to hit the trails again. Your little one is used to the stroller. You've figured out ... More

Berkeley Half Marathon, the Hometown Favorite Race

History in Numbers: How the Berkeley Half Marathon Became the Hometown Favorite Race

A full decade. That’s how long the Berkeley Half Marathon has been around. The tenth running of the Hometown Favorite race took place on November 13 when about 6,000 runners took to the streets of the gorgeous city of Berkeley. Conquering their first races, setting their personal bests, or simply hanging out with family and friends, they ... More

Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Thirteen & Finish

I'm calling this one Mile Thirteen, even though it's really mile thirteen and some change. I like to ignore that .2 until I'm forced to deal with it. At the end of Channing you're heading left on Spaulding Ave, then zig-zagging: Right on Allston (here will be your final water-stop) Right on Jefferson, Left on Bancroft, Right on ... More

Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Twelve

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood as we start Mile twelve. Go left when you see the cement road blocks – saying hello to those at Franklin Bros Market – then giddy up and buckle down for our climb up Bancroft. Be careful on Bancroft – I've run the course several times. Maybe I'm just admitting my flaws in lack of moderation, ... More

Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Eleven

Mile eleven unfortunately puts an end to the leisurely cruise portion of the race, forcing you back to business – there's going to be another mild climb to finish out the race, so make sure you're hydrating and taking in energy. It's too late to turn back now. Keep heading North on Frontage Rd until you see the freeway overpass again, ... More

Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Ten

Mile Ten is much the same, but who can have too much of a good thing. After you hook your u-turn you're going to generally head north along Frontage Rd. Soon into mile ten you'll have another water-stop, so if you're feeling parched now is your opportunity. As you head along Frontage, distract yourself from inevitable exhaustion by ... More