Halfing it All | Thirteen Reasons To Race The Berkeley Half

Written by Kelli Tanghe. Kelli and Ari are a mother-daughter duo who compete in endurance races to Raise Awareness for the Inclusion of Physically Challenged/Assisted Athletes. These women are also 2019 Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassadors! You can read more from their Facebook Page at Team Ari.


In May of 2013, Team Ari, (Kelli and Ari) set our sights on celebrating Ari’s 13th birthday. We created our Celebrate 13 Challenge which meant we were going to conquer thirteen half marathons in Ari’s honor. With the help of our crew chief, (AKA super Dad and husband) we carefully plotted our race courses. We raced 13 half’s throughout California from May to November that year. We fell in love with the distance and we know you will too.

Here’s Why:

1) You are looking for an extra special way to celebrate a milestone like a birthday, anniversary, maybe a new relationship. Grab your friends and family and make it a memorable 13 mile party!

2) Your work life is hectic with deadlines, your social calendar is pretty full, and you are questioning how to juggle a training schedule?  13.1 just became your new best friend. You can realistically train for a half-marathon with as few as 25 miles per week and an easy eight to ten week training schedule!

3) You’ve got your eyes on that spring marathon or that Boston Qualifier. Keep your eyes on the prize with a confidence builder when you conquer that half-marathon at race pace. Nothing is better than a 13.1 tune up for that marathon training schedule.

4) You want to take that next step and advance your running distance. Half-marathons are a great transition from 5k’s or 10k’s before plunging into marathon distance.

5) You want to meet new friends. Most running clubs will have runners of all levels from beginners to elites that share a love for 13.1. So jump in and get started!

6) You want to get into better shape and achieve some health goals. 13.1 will definitely help you lose pounds and inches as you train for race day. Plus your mental state will improve too. Running is your new Happy Place.

7) You want to indulge in a race-cation  (race vacation).There are so many half-marathons to choose from in all fifty states. You will never be at a loss for finding that perfect half-marathon all year long.

8) You are on a tight budget $$. You can hit the jackpot with less pricey race fees when you register for a half-marathon. And….bigger bonus, you can still earn pretty good swag at most half-marathons like the cool shirt and medal from the Berkeley Half-Marathon!!!

9) You have recently recovered from an injury. Half-marathon distance is a great way to test the legs out without putting too much pressure on yourself.

10) You want to race for a cause. You won’t have to look hard to find a half-marathon that is donating funds to a specific cause or non-profit that you are passionate about in your community.

11) You raced a marathon and said “never again”. But the running bug still has your attention. Half-marathon means half the recovery time. So Never say Never.  🙂

12) You are a Beer Lover. Many half-marathons offer a beer tent at the FINISH LINE. Now get out there and run for that beer!

13) You love hearing people cheer for you. There are usually plenty of cheer stations, fans, and music along a half-marathon course to support you and your fellow athletes. 


YES, you can have it ALL with 13.1. Now go ahead and register for the Berkeley Half-Marathon. Can’t wait to see you at the start line on November 15, 2020!!

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