Introducing: The Bravey Bay 10K Challenge, brought to you by Alexi Pappas and BHM!

Just a sprinkle of glitter and a whole lot of fun; take on the Alexi Pappas 10K Run! Complete the challenge, starting right now; earn a sweet medal—we’ll tell you how:

  1. Run the 10K at both the Berkeley Half Marathon and the San Francisco Marathon
  2. Earn a specially designed collaborative medal from Alexi thereupon!

*In-person only, virtual events do not qualify

There’s nothing more to it; it’s as simple as that!

Why Alexi?

Native to Alameda, California, Alexi inspires little Braveys across the nation to walk the path to self-discovery and be their best no matter the walk of life they choose.

An accomplished Olympian, actress, filmmaker, and New York Times bestseller author, Alexi has courageously walked the walk so that, nowadays, she can talk the talk and share her wisdom and positive outlook on life with millions of people. (Imagine your obstacles cheering you on instead of holding you back! That’s Alexi Pappas for you.)

The Walk

Alexi’s story is a testament to the patient process of self-discovery in a world that encourages young people to narrow their focus and specialize in a single area. She allowed herself to mature and realize her potential in her own time, achieving very different goals many would consider exclusive of each other.

The Talk

After she set a new Greek record in the 10,000-meter run at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Alexi could come back to her other passion: writing. She was presented with an opportunity to share her story in the form of a memoir and dove right in. Bravey was published in 2021 and became an Amazon bestseller. The book provoked meaningful dialogue about mental health in modern society.

Anyone Can Do It

Alexi keeps showing up for others time and again with a handful of glitter and a big smile. She’s bringing the Bravey spirit to our community at the San Francisco Marathon and the Berkeley Half Marathon as a namesake for a distance anyone can take on to prove that no matter what life brings up, Braveys will always get through it.

Challenge Rules

  • To be automatically eligible, runners must register for both events with the same first and last name and date of birth.
  • Runners are eligible to receive the challenge medal at their second qualifying event in the series depending on where they started. The events do not have to be in the same year but they do need to be consecutive. If you skip an event, the challenge starts over.
  • If you already qualified at the 2024 San Francisco Marathon, your challenge is starting again!
  • Remember to pick up your bib at our Race Weekend Bib Pick-up and check for the Bravey 10K Challenge stamp/print on the corner of your bib. You’ll need this stamp to redeem your medal at the Finish Line. If your bib is not marked and you believe you are eligible, please visit the Challenge Table during Packet Pickup to confirm eligibility and get your bib stamped.
  • Medals will be available for pick-up at the Expo or the Challenges booth at the Finish Line Festival, and cannot be mailed.

Accept the Challenge and Choose your Distance


For additional challenge support or to check your eligibility, please click here.