Train Smarter with Guidance and Insight with the Fitbit Ionic

As people are becoming more conscientious on improving and maintaining their health, the advancements in technology allow us to assess our own health status by data-tracking information right through our smartwatches.

Admittedly, I try to keep the bells and whistles in my life to a minimum but the more I used my Fitbit Ionic, the more I found myself riveted by how engaged I was to the Fitbit community along with the device itself.

Here are the things that stood out most to me…


I was interested in whether the Ionic could serve as a reliable GPS-enabled running watch to analyze my workouts and long runs. Within the first week of using it, I was taken aback by how much of a punch it packed in addition to its sleek design. The watch’s GPS and elevation gain were spot-on, even for runs in the mountains or busy city streets where most watch GPS systems can be a bit choppy.

I could easily tap through the live stats on the watch as I was running and choose the main stat I wanted to appear, such as average pace, current pace, or the duration of the activity. I found myself paying attention to my heart-rate now that it was easily available to me on my wrist. Being able to have a baseline for how your heart is performing during activities and in leisure is important for me to know for overall wellness.

Fitbit web and mobile app

The user interface on both web and mobile are the real lure of the whole Fitbit experience. I liked being able to see my friends’ activities, which made general fitness more fun and socially engaging. The dashboard both on the web and mobile apps are easy-to-use and intuitive.

Additionally, I liked the ease in which I could track my sleep by keeping my watch on at night. The following mornings, I would pull my phone or laptop out to check the Fitbit app to see how I’ve been sleeping and that almost became an obsession. Whenever I would screenshot my sleep analysis and post on my social media accounts, people would message me asking what app it was!

Social engagement

Getting to a certain step count everyday has never been a personal concern for me but I suddenly found myself trying to beat my friends and strangers in daily and weekly steps competitions. It became a fun and authentic way for me to encourage people in their goals. Fitbit also has Challenges, Guidance, and Community portals that help widen the scope of contact with others who may be sharing the same goals as you have.


Fitbit noticeably uses the latest technologies and user interface to embolden their community of healthy and strong people. Their wearable tracking devices have long been the industry hallmark for both the performance-minded athlete or and the everyday person looking to improve their fitness level.

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    Thomas Thoon
    August 15, 2019 (9:14 pm)

    Triathlon coverage can I swim with this device?

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