Team Scoring

Take your race experience to the next level by competing with your co-workers, classmates, friends or family. Winners earn a 3D Animated Team Cup as well as 3D Animated Medals to share their success on social media.

Anyone can join or create a Scoring Team, there is no minimum or maximum number of members.

Create or join an existing scoring team when you register and compete against other divisions from the list below.

  • Scoring is based on weighted placement with age division.
  • Points are determined by (Place with age group) / (number of people in age group).
  • The top 4 scores from your team will be added together to determine your team score.
  • Square off against Division Groups and challenge them to run their best race!

Scored Divisions

Accounting, Car Share/Delivery Service, Competitive Female, Competitive Male, Competitive Unisex, Construction/Engineering/Architecture, Financial/Insurance/Real Estate, Fire, Golden Gate Relay, Health, Legal, LGBTQIA+, Manufacturing, Media/Advertising/PR, Military, Network Services, Non-Profit/Causes, Other, Police, Restaurants – Food & Bev, Retail, Running Clubs, Schools, Social – Friends/Family, Technology, Tourism/Airlines/Accommodations, Transportation/Logistics/Delivery

For additional challenge support or to check your eligibility, please click here.