How to Adjust Training For The Berkeley Half After Daylight Savings

Written by 2019 Berkeley Half Ambassador, Kelli Hashimoto.


Summer came and went, fall began and now Daylight Savings Time is over. You may have noticed that it is getting darker earlier and our days have become shorter. With two weeks to go until race day, here is how to adjust to the time change without throwing off your training schedule.


Morning Warriors for the Win

This change is a welcome one for the morning warriors as you may get to see more light than you are used to! It may also be a little easier to get yourself out of bed in the morning.

Sleep Well

The good news is that the fall time change has less of an impact than the time change in the spring. Sleep is crucial to our training as it allows us time to recover. If you are feeling extra tired this week, do your best to maintain your training schedule but consider reducing the level of workout intensity or changing the time of your workout.

Light It Up!

If you are running in the dark, please invest in reflective running gear and LED lights. In addition to being able to see, it is important for drivers, cyclists and other runners to also be able to see you. Safety first!

Stay Alert

I admit, I’m almost too alert. I get scared by my own shadow or sounds from nearby bushes. But better safe than sorry! On this note, it may be wise to ditch the tunes – I am not as aware of my surroundings when I am distracted. I love listening to music and podcasts during my runs but save it for when the sun is out.

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