It’s Like A Big City Half Marathon With A Small Town Feel

If you haven’t yet run through the streets of downtown Berkeley, you might be asking yourself why not, just like Race Ambassador Christine O’Connell did.

After running through downtown Berkeley for the first time, she said, “Wow! This is so much cooler than I thought! Why don’t I come out here and run more? The downtown is so cute and has that small town feel.”

The Berkeley Half Marathon course runs through downtown, but also through neighborhoods, right in front of homes, where you might see neighbors cheering you on as you run down their streets or even offering you refreshments when you run by their house.

Runners say they like the vibe and feel of Berkeley and it’s fun to run down the historic streets, on the rolling hills, through the parks, but also through the Cal Berkeley campus with students cheering you on (or maybe even running with you!).

You’ll run through Cal’s iconic Sather Gate, through the center of the campus, seeing all the beautiful old buildings and getting that hometown college feel while you’re there.

“I missed the feel of running through Berkeley, so I’m coming back this year,” said Charles Lim, Race Ambassador.

And then there’s the waterfront. Miles 8-10 of the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon are an out and back along the beautiful bayfront. Check out the ocean views while you also say hi to friends along the way going the opposite direction.

As the 7th annual Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon, this race has become a tradition and a part of the community.

If you live anywhere near the Bay Area, you don’t want to miss this fall racing event with the small town (but big race) feel.

Choose your distance – the half, 10k, 5k, or 1k – and register today!

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