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How to Adjust Training For The Berkeley Half After Daylight Savings

Written by 2019 Berkeley Half Ambassador, Kelli Hashimoto.   Summer came and went, fall began and now Daylight Savings Time is over. You may have noticed that it is getting darker earlier and our days have become shorter. With two weeks to go until race day, here is how to adjust to the time change without throwing ... More

How Training with Run365 Prepped Me for High School Cross Country

Written by two time Berkeley Half Ambassador and 3 time Berkeley Half finisher, Landry Schoennauer.    As an incoming freshman at Lincoln High School, I decided to run cross country. Why not? If I could run a half marathon, I could certainly run 2.5-3 miles in school competitions.  After the first couple of ... More

Why Do Half Marathon Runners Need Sports Nutrition?

Blog post contributed by the Official Energy Chew sponsor, Gu Energy Labs.   Through training, we grow stronger, get faster, and learn how to endure more. By eating the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right times, we build our muscles, mend our bodies, and optimize our training efforts. While ... More

How to Crush Your First 5K

Written by 2019 Berkeley Half Ambassador, Kelli Hashimoto.   The 5K distance is my favorite distance to race and is the perfect distance for runners of all experience levels. Are you registered for your first 5K? Follow our tips below and you’ll be ready to crush it come race day! Build your endurance with ... More

A Weekend in Berkeley

Written by 2019 Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador John Lee. John lives in the East Bay and is a member of run club, East Bay Beer Runners. Are you traveling from out of town for the Berkeley Half Marathon or already live in the Bay Area?  Let’s have a look at what’s going on the same weekend in the East Bay. The East ... More

Halfing it All | Thirteen Reasons To Race The Berkeley Half

Written by Kelli Tanghe. Kelli and Ari are a mother-daughter duo who compete in endurance races to Raise Awareness for the Inclusion of Physically Challenged/Assisted Athletes. These women are also 2019 Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassadors! You can read more from their Facebook Page at Team Ari.   In May of 2013, Team ... More


Featuring insights from world-class running coach Greg McMillan Having the right recovery nutrition helps you refuel and ensures that you have energy stores available to use a day or even four days later. We review the basics of recovery nutrition and how to use UCAN products for recovery, featuring insights from world-... More

10 Tips to Run Your Best 10k

Written by Kelli Hashimoto. Kelli is a 2019 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador and avid runner. You can learn more from her on Instagram at @_kellinickole   The 10K distance is the perfect distance for first-time runners and seasoned runners alike. While running 6.2 miles isn’t an easy feat by any means, ... More

How To Run Solo

By Vanessa Wallace. Vanessa is a 2019 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador, and lover of selfies, cows and dance parties on the run. You can read more from her blog at vanessagoesfromfattofit.com   I have many friends and follow many social media accounts of people who constantly share about their weekly, or ... More

Tips to Surviving (and Enjoying!) your 1st Half Marathon

Written by Janelle McLeod is a 2019 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador. She would love to Boston Qualify one day and continues to pursue faster times while exploring races across the US. She also owns a goldendoodle who races 5k's and 10k's and is working his way up to his first half!    First off, congrats ... More