Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Seven

Let’s. Go. Runners. You’re basically, basically, halfway there as we start our seventh mile on our strut through Berkeley. Keep heading down Gilman, taking note of Berkeley Natural Grocery on your left as you trend towards the Bart tracks. Don’t get too excited now, but if you’re looking for a place with a decent bottle of wine, crackers and cheese, Berkeley Natural has got to be your go-to.

Keep that in the back of your head and focus on more hydrating liquids as you pass the third water-stop on the corner of Neilson and Gilman. It’s easy to deny yourself hydration – you’re feeling good, what if that water gives you a cramp, etc – but know that you’re drinking water for your future, and while you may feel good now it’s important to hydrate before you start feeling thirsty.

As you pass under the BART tracks look into the windows of Berkeley Bagels, their eponymous product produced fresh every morning. With an endless variety of sandwich combos, challah, and day-olds, you really can’t wrong. If I were you (I’m not) I would have my significant other fetch a bagel or two for some much deserved post race comfort-carbs.

Soon after, we’re hitting some technical turns, so pay a little extra attention. Once you hit Santa Fe Ave, take a hard left off Gilman. Take Santa Fe to Page, continue on Page across San Pablo, and then take a left on 10th St. After about a block of 10th street we’re headed right on Jones. Was this too confusing? Blame the permit, but also sleep soundly knowing there will be a huge group of runners to follow if you get lost; Our neon yellow pacer shirts are maybe a tad lurid, but they’ll help you know which way to go. Keep headed down Jones, you’ll complete mile seven.

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