Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Eight

Oh boy… mile eight. Let me tell you about mile eight. Frankly it’s a lot like the others, but maybe a little flatter, and bougier? Head left on 4th street and consider filling yourself up with your simple carb of choice, as it’s most likely (on average) about 45 minutes from the last time you took in some calories. Unsure of which company to solicit in giving your body what it needs? I wholeheartedly endorse the products from our partner, GU Energy. They’ve truly got an option for everyone, whether you need something a little of the solid side in the form of blocks or if you’re an all-liquid type. They’ve got drink mixes too. Also, their president happens to be Magdalena Boulet, an Olympic marathon team member and all-around incredible person. If GU is good enough for her, well it’s probably good enough for anyone. Oh, and they’re local. Come on Berkeley, you know you love local.

Keep heading through fourth, doing a little bit of swanky window shopping as you pass through: Lulu, Five Little Monkeys, Sur La Table, it’s all here. Unfortunately, my mind is always fixated on food, so you’ll find me at Oceanview Diner after the race, if you want to come say hi…

Next we’re going to head under the freeway and immediately head left up University, hitting a hard u-turn at the lip of the freeway off-ramp. Climb (I’m sorry to use that word again), up the offramp and head south on Frontage road, betraying your desire to ditch the race and frolic around the beautiful Berkeley Marina. You’ve now completed mile eight!

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