Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Six

Mile six starts with you crossing The Alameda and continuing down Monterey Ave. This is a great opportunity to take a breath and take stock on your body’s condition. Don’t overstride or lock your knees as you gain speed on the downhill. The best thing to do this early in the race (yes, it’s still early), is settle in and let gravity do the work. Loosen your neck and indulge in the beautiful neighborhoods of North Berkeley, in particular check out how incredibly well done and smooth the pavement in this part of town, and then proceed to not judge me for noticing something so strange.

Moving on, we’re going to head right off Monterey onto Hopkins. At this intersection you’ll find the typical famous Berkeley Fare: Gioia Pizza, Magnani Poultry, Monterey Market. So prolific is their reputation that I’d like to take a moment to give a shoutout to Espresso Roma Café. Their outdoor seating is second to none, and offers a great for your family to watch you stride on by and down Hopkins.

Take Hopkins to Gilman and continue your descent. If you’re feeling thirsty there’s a water stop coming up early into mile six. Mile six has fallen to your undying perseverance.

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