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How To Run Solo

By Vanessa Wallace. Vanessa is a 2019 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador, and lover of selfies, cows and dance parties on the run. You can read more from her blog at   I have many friends and follow many social media accounts of people who constantly share about their weekly, or sometimes daily ... More

#TrainingTipThursday – 4 Training Mistakes to Avoid It’s focus time! When we’re in the thick of our half marathon/marathon training, it’s easy to focus on the aspect of simply logging in the miles throughout the week. Right now is a great opportunity to take stock of the things we’re doing correct but to also fine-tune the areas of ... More

100 Days Until Race Day!

It’s Friday, and with it comes the celebration of the weekend, long runs ahead, and the 100-day countdown until The 2018 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon! Here are 5 Ways to celebrate this momentous occasion! Sign Up! Register to run The 2018 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon half, 10K or 5K! Prepare Your Training Plan. Join the ... More

5 Tips to Make Your Running More Social

Contributed by Erin Garvey, a 2017 Ambassador for the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Running is an incredibly adaptable and diverse activity, and I think these qualities are what make it so appealing to so many people. You can choose to run very short and very fast sprints around your community center track; you can choose to “go ... More

Donate Your Miles

We are thrilled that our three-year charity partner, Schools Fund, is so close to their 2015 fundraising goal! But, we need your help to reach this goal together! We’d like each runner to Donate Your Miles to the Schools Fund to help enrich the educational experience for thousands of children in Berkelely Public Schools. Just a $3, $6, ... More

Top 10 “Must Do’s” Before Race Day

Written by Stephanie Laska, 2015 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador @140lost Stephanie is 100% new to running having discovered the sport two years ago; she didn't waste any time pushing herself to the limit. Stephanie won first place (Athena Division) of her very first Marathon in March -- the Surgical Artistry Modesto ... More

Every Race Is A Learning Experience.

Written by Stephanie Davies, 2015 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador Stephanie Davies is a 46 year old mother of three who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  A runner for 29 years, Stephanie brings experience and unwavering passion to the sport of running. Stephanie is deeply rooted in the running community through various ... More

Get Ready for “Perfect” Nutrition on Race Day

We work hard to find partners that are, just like Berkeley itself, beautiful, inside and out. So, we’re thrilled that our regional partner, family-owned-and-operated, Perfect Bar, will be delivering runners powerful superfoods at Packet Pickup, and on race day at the finish line! We wanted to break down their nutrition bars into their ... More

A Season Of Gratitude. A Season Of Giving Thanks.

Written by Erin Mink Garvey, 2015 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador Erin Mink Garvey has called herself a runner for most of her life and is absolutely stoked to be running the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon this year, her first half since giving birth in early August. Since 2007, she has run 25 marathons and more than 30 half ... More

BHM 2015 Race Weekend App Available for Download

We have great news for runners and spectators alike. This year, The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon is delivering free live runner tracking through our race weekend app, available for iPhone and Android, as well as race-day web-based tracking. Download the app today for free on iPhone or Android, then select The Biofreeze Berkeley Half ... More