An Asian woman in a sports bra is running in hot weather on a sunny day

Running in Hot Weather: 3 Ways to Make It Work & Keep Your Body Safe

While many runners are still enjoying cooler weather, many others are starting to (literally) feel the heat. Some will have to deal with warmer weather only temporarily during the summer months. Others deal with hot weather running year-round, living in climates that never quite seem to give in to lower temperatures. Wherever you may be ... More

A smiling Black woman running with music

Running with Music: How your Tunes can Help You Train

Think about the last movie or show you watched that had a training montage. What about that video game you played that included an action sequence? Chances are pretty good that the scene was accompanied by a song—and not just any song, but something upbeat, inspiring, with a quick tempo, or at least a moderate one. Did it pull you into the ... More

A construction worker happily skips, training with a physical job

How to Reconcile Training with a Physically Demanding Job

I’ve been joining a friend of mine at the gym for a few months now; they’ve been training hard and I had decided to join them for some extra motivation. Working out with friends increases accountability, and that had been the case for me, too. However, a few weeks ago, my friend started a new job where they’re on their feet all the ... More

A morning person woman runs early in the morning with the sun rising behind her

Good Morning, Sunshine! How to Become a Morning Person, Plus The Benefits of Running in the Mornings

Chirping birds. Droplets of dew. The sun, just starting to peek above the horizon. These are the hallmarks of an early morning of a bright new day. If you’re like me, however, the idea of actually waking up to see all this might sound like torture instead of serendipity. However, maybe you, just like me, are also curious about the potential ... More

A plus-size Black woman in athletic clothes celebrates post-run. Am I a runner? Yes, you are!

“Am I Really a Runner?” Yes. If You Run, You are a Runner

Running has remained one of—if not the—most accessible outdoor exercises since it became a popular sport and recreational activity around the 1960's. (Of course, running existed before the 1960's. However, after it stopped being necessary for the sake of survival and before it experienced its rebirth in the 20th century, people who ran ... More

A young woman is running in bad weather on snowy trails

Running in Bad Weather: 6 Tips to Help You Stay Safe

As winter tries to hold onto its power, the season of rain, wind, hail, and snow might start taking its toll on many runners' training schedules. Now that the New Year high has worn off, it might be harder to stick to running, especially when the weather takes a turn for the worse. On top of that, many runners are starting new training plans ... More

A man in a hat and wrapped in a blanket sits at a table. How to avoid illness

How to Avoid Illness During the Cold Season

January is here and February is about to start rounding the corner. With these months, winter has well and truly settled in together with the cold season. Getting sick really puts a damper on your plans for, well, everything, but especially for your fitness goals. And while it may seem impossible to dodge the occasional cold, flu, or someth... More

Santa is getting in his holiday running on a treadmill

Holiday Running: How to Balance Your Fitness this Holiday Season

Happy Holidays! Even though we should be in a deep state of rest, there’s usually a lot on everyone’s mind when the Season is upon us. People travel to see family they might only get to see this time of year. They go from store to store or website to website scouring for the best deals and perfect gifts for everyone on their Christmas ... More

Runner on a Christmas morning: shoes or gadgets are great gifts for runners

Gifts for Runners: Please the Runners in your Life this Holiday Season!

Some love it, some loath it; for some it comes easy, and for others it’s their crucible. However, no matter where on this spectrum you fall, chances are there's a list of people you need to give presents to this Holiday season. You might want to shop for someone else or just share some inspiration; in either case, this article can help you ... More

Go from a 10K to a half marathon at the Berkeley Half Marathon, BHM startline with runners ready to take on the race

10K to Half Marathon: 5 Tips to Step Up the Distance

You’ve been running for a while now. You can crush a 5k and even 10k races are becoming routine. The natural question comes: what’s the next step? Training to run a half marathon at Berkeley could be just the challenge you’re looking for. While the idea of doubling the distance of a 10k might sound daunting, it is entirely achievable ... More