Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile One

You Made It To The Berkeley Race

Starting our Berkeley Half mile-by-mile, before the race begins, take a moment to appreciate the incredible achievement that is participating in a half-marathon; the long hours of training have culminated in this moment. Whether it’s your first race, or it’s become your weekend whim to take off on a 13.1-mile run, there’s a victory here for everyone to appreciate.

Mile one starts off flat, an excellent opportunity to take off at a brisk pace, taking advantage of the terrain to get in your groove and get the body to long distance ‘operating temperature’. If you’re no Speed-Racer, then settle in and find your happy place, taking time to look over to your right and appreciate the cornerstone of Bay Area culture that is Berkeley High School – its halls host to countless cultural icons, in no doubt due to its excellent complement of staff and teachers, just one reason we support Berkeley Public Schools.

Residential Roads Make Those Miles Beautiful

As we pass into the neighborhoods, we’re going to hang a left and head up Haste, a slight incline for two blocks. Don’t get frisky here, the conniving slight incline would love to sap your energy early in the race. Take it easy and appreciate the beautiful neighborhoods of Berkeley, then hang a right on Fulton after passing Shattuck Ave.

Once back on Fulton we’re back into cruise mode. By now the nerves have subsided, take a second to relax those shoulders, take stock of your body’s grievances, and realize you’re doing great. Take note of Berkeley’s beautiful residential avenues, the styles of homes as diverse as its people: Victorians, Macgregors, it’s all good here. Passing Oregon St, just like that, you’ve got your first mile in the bag.

Time to head to mile 2 in the Berkeley Half mile-by-mile.

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