Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Three

Mile two is through, so grab a sip of water from our friends at the Sports Basement Aid Station and then consider checking out their store off Milvia. While no longer underground, Sports Basement managed to set up shop in an historic Berkeley Landmark, the old ice-skating rink, Iceland. No longer frozen, at night you can still go take a peek of their store off Shattuck and see their giant vintage neon sign still radiating a chilly cool blue.

After taking a big gulp from the water stop, start planning out those race-day rations; pretty soon your body is going to need some simple carbs to keep you in the game for the long haul, and if you find yourself craving something it’s usually already too late.

Cross Bancroft and head onto UC Berkeley’s (I’m sorry, Mother, I tried. I really did try) campus, bolting for Sather Gate, it should be immediately apparent where you’re headed. If somehow you’ve lost your azimuth, take a quick peek around and follow the giant group of runners – it’s a fairly safe bet at least one of them knows where to go.

About a quarter mile onto campus we’re going to head right and up the hill on South Drive. If you’ve got the breath take a look up at the Sather Clock Tower, its incredible height a marvel and tribute to the University’s indelible contribution to Berkeley’s success as a cultural and intellectual powerhouse.

Perpendicular to South Drive, hang a left on Oppenheimer when you see it and resist jumping into the Hearst Mining Circle fountain; its cooling effects may seem like a good idea now, but just think of the chafing. Head down University to crescent. This is a short period of downhill before you start climbing in mile four again, so ease off the gas and catch your breath; I know you’re doing great, but keep that pace and goal in mind.

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