Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Two

As we pass Oregon and head left and up Russel – YIELD TO TRAFFIC IN CIRCLE (that’s you, you’re the traffic) – kick it into low gear because you’re beginning about a mile’s worth of ascension. It’s less dramatic than a beautiful hike through the many paths of Tilden Regional Park (just in front of you as you head up Russel), but make sure to keep your pace in mind and give the gradual climb its due respect.

After two blocks up Russel, spin, trot, run, skip, etc., left onto Telegraph Ave. Now what hasn’t been said of the legendary Telegraph Ave? I can scarcely think of an adjective that couldn’t be applied to its deep history, so take your pick. Find joy in being a part of our community, adding to Telegraph’s history as a major artery to all things Berkeley – in this case, runners.

It’s easy to forget but you’re still climbing here as you head North-ish on Telegraph, so focus on your breathing and start thinking about water and nutrition. There’s a water stop right before you head onto campus at the end of mile two. Keep your eye on the clock tower as that’s where you’re headed. Sit back and enjoy the stroll.

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