Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Four

Keep heading west on University Drive, onto Crescent Lane, letting these roads carry you off of UC Berkeley campus and back into Berkeley proper. Enjoy this last little bit of downhill, taking advantage of gravity to shake out any tightness that’s been nagging you.

After stepping off campus and getting back to the city, keep heading West down University Ave until you hit Shattuck Ave. Shattuck is where you’ll begin a fairly gradual, enduring climb for the next 1 ½ or so miles. Feel like you’ve heard this spiel before? It’s because you have – unfortunately, at every opportunity I must stress the importance of monitoring your pace and staying focused on your goal. These long climbs are nefarious in their intent to rob you of good results.

While on the topic of self-maintenance, make sure you’re following your hydration rituals, and get some calories in you. At the end of mile four there’ll be a water stop, coincidentally a perfect place to consume your nutrition of choice.

Heading north on Shattuck take the time to spot your favorite post-race snack: perhaps your pastry of choice from the Cheese Board bakery, or some deliciously wonderful poutine from Grégoire. Whatever you fancy, witness Berkeley’s culinary variety on full display as you climb up Shattuck Ave. I’ll be at Saul’s eating soup during the race – you have my sympathy.

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