Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Five

Ok, mile five. You just hydrated, you’re about half way through your arduous climb, your mind has wandered off into some senseless game like counting lamp posts to gauge how far you’ve gone (is that just me?), and you’ve accepted the reality that is pain and suffering through uphill running – but this is what you’re here for, to feel again, to know something is real. Or if you’re in it for the post-race snacks, that’s cool too.

Distance yourself from any doubt and negativity by soaking up the beauty of the North Berkeley hills. You’re going to continue on Shattuck, passing Rose Street, with the beautiful Live Oak Park rolling by on your right, a place perfect for catching your breath with a post-race picnic. If you’re partial to thespians, check out the performances put on within the Live Oak Recreation Center.

As you pass the park, keep your eye out for Amador Avenue on your left, as we’re going to switch rails off Shattuck and onto Amador. Be warned, you won’t be on Amador long as you hang a right on Mariposa. Once on Mariposa you can rest easy knowing you’ve entered your last bit of uphill, feel confident knowing you’ve emerged triumphant over the evils of elevation. Stride out the last bit of Mariposa, take a breath, and head left on Los Angeles Avenue, riding downhill to the Marin Fountain, its hallowed grounds tribute to the principles of acceptance and success, held dearly by the Berkeley community – also host to many misunderstandings regarding laws and traffic circles… ahem.

Follow the right of way around the circle, heading down Marin, keeping left at the fire station until you’re on Monterey Ave. Congratulations, mile five is over.

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