Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Nine

We’re still heading south on Frontage. Really take this time to find your peaceful place, glancing out into the depths of the marvelous Bay. It’s easy to forget its beauty and glory as its presence is too common in all our lives. Undoubtedly this is my favorite part of the race, soaking in the sounds of the waves lapping against the rocks, the excited brilliance of light reflecting off the water, the sweeping views of San Francisco just over there. No other part of Berkeley does a better job of portraying our incredible community, and keeping my mind off my burning leg muscles.

Also did I mention this is the flattest and fastest part of the course? This is a great time to make up your pace without compromising your comfort. It’ll be clear when you’ve made it far out enough, so make a u-turn and head on back towards university, grab a water if you need it. You’re done with nine.

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