#TrainingTipThursday: 10 Best Recovery Foods for Runners

As runners, there are a lot of considerations that we have to manage consistently in order to develop into stronger athletes; our weekly mileage, adequate quality sleep, strength training, etc.

One of the the most overlooked aspects of being a runner is how we view our nutrition. There is a prevailing belief that because we are burning so many calories, we can eat whatever we’d like. However, if we want to optimize our performance and–most importantly–feel great during our training, it’s important that we should start looking at food as fuel.

Additionally, we want to make sure that we are fueling our bodies with the right quality nutrient-dense foods. The best time to make these nutritional changes are when our bodies need it the most: during the times we’re recovering from runs.

Our friends at The Run Experience have got you covered with a top 10 list of the the best foods to eat when recovering. The sooner you can revitalize your body and muscles, the faster you can get back out there.

-Your Coaches

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