#TrainingTipThursday: How To Run Faster

You know those workouts: the lung-searing runs where conversational pace turns into 1-2 word gasps at most. There’s no denying that speedier types of running are tough but also, a necessary evil when we’re trying to reach new levels as runners.

How do we know which workouts to do and at which paces? How do we know how hard to push and how to recover correctly? What’s a “fartlek” and why does it read funny? There are many questions that can be confusing but we’ve got you covered.

Coach Morgan at The Run Experience walks us through how we can use the 3 key workouts we need to improve our lung capacity and speed: 1) the “fartlek”, 2) the tempo run, and 3) interval runs. Use these workouts as stand-alone or in combination within a training program and you’ll be running faster and stronger more comfortably.

As always, we’ve got your back.

– Your Coaches

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