#TrainingThursday: How To Make Your Half And Full Marathon Long Run “Race-Ready”

The long run is crucial training and prep for success in your half or full marathon. Dialing in this key workout as a “dress rehearsal” will optimize your preparation and ensure that any surprises on race day are minimized.

This video walks you through exactly how to make this long run “race-ready” by mentally, physically, and logistically preparing all of the factors that go into race day success.

In this video we share important tips around:

– Race Day Set Up. Shoes, top, socks, hat, and sunglasses. What works for different temperatures, race distances, and your body.

– Race Day Nutrition. There’s what you eat and drink, and how you carry it. Will you eat and drinks what’s on the course? Or carry your own stuff? How will you carry it? How often will you have an aid station? All of these are important to know.

– Race Pace. Come race day there should be no secrets or surprises here. By practicing your intended race pace and effort in the end of your long runs, you build the mental confidence and focus to run smart when it counts!

– Strong Run Form. Every 30 minutes throw some run drills into that long run to get you out of that marathon shuffle funk. “Wake up” your hips and hamstrings and re-ignite that cadence. Not only will you run more efficiently, but you’ll also get better race day photos too!

There’s a LOT that goes into a good race day performance. We’ll help you work through them.

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