#TrainingThursday: Should Marathon & Half Marathon Runners Lift Weights? Pt. I

In this part 1 we explore the common arguments against lifting weights:

  • You’ll bulk up.
  • It takes up too much time.
  • It can be dangerous and sketchy.


We also explore why you SHOULD consider lifting weights and what it can do for your marathon training:

  • Improve force production & power output for faster running.
  • Increase your running economy (i.e. efficiency through better running form).
  • Bolster and strengthen your joints and muscles.
  • And more.

But it’s not just a function of “yes” vs “no” that makes the difference between being successful and not.

It’s a matter of what, when, and how.

For example, how important are “runner specific” exercises and should you lift low weight, high reps or higher weight and lower reps?

We’ll save those details for Part 2!

This #TrainingThursday tip provided by The 2018 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon’s Official Virtual Training Program Partner, The Run Experience.

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