Go the Distance: Choosing the Right Race

There are plenty of considerations to make when choosing between the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon (13.1 miles,) 10K (6.2 miles) and 5K (3.1 miles). Each distance has its own unique advantages, whether you’re looking to challenge yourself by running for distance, running for pace, or running to tackle a new goal. Making the right choice depends on your experience with running, your training cycle, your individual fitness goals, how your body is feeling/performing, and so many other factors. Choose wisely and prepare for success on race day.

The Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)


The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon is an exceptionally beautiful road race that tours 13.1 miles of the city’s vibrant commercial districts, serene residential neighborhoods, picturesque waterfront, and more. Participants rave about about the natural beauty of the course, the pleasure of a changing landscape throughout, and what many consider to be a perfect elevation profile.

While the Half Marathon is not a typical choice for beginners, a slow training plan with careful attention to injury prevention will ensure a successful race day experience. A half marathon training program can last twelve weeks or more, depending on your running history, fitness level, training commitment, and many other factors. For experienced distance runners, The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon is a great choice to stay in shape during the fall and winter months.

Hundreds of runners have achieved success through RUN365, the Official Training Program of The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. Registration for fall training is open until Friday, September 9, 2016.

The 10K Race (6.2 Miles)


The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon’s 10K course offers a picturesque stretch along the Berkeley waterfront, including sweeping views of the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the San Francisco skyline.

The 10K is a perfect distance for runners who are looking to set a solid fitness goal for the end of the year. In short, this is your chance to test your endurance and challenge yourself with a competitive, mid-distance race.

For those who have mastered the 5K, you can easily (and gradually) increase your long runs by about half a mile each week until you reach 7 miles during your training. Take on the 10K and you may find that you’re inspired to continue adding miles every week.

The 5K Race


The BHM 5K is fast and flat, and perfect for runners and walkers alike. The popularity of the 5K distance is growing quickly because it’s great for participants who are new to running and/or walking. The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon’s 5K Race is popular with elite runners who excel at shorter distances, participants of various fitness levels, as well as families and kids. It’s a race for everyone – and there’s a lower price for youth runners.

If you’re relatively new to running, this is the best distance for you. It’s a safe, fun, and rewarding option. For more experienced runners, the 5K is an excellent opportunity to set PR goal and test your speed.

Ready to race?

Get registered and get training. There’s still plenty of time to prepare for The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon on November 19th, 2017.

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