Third Year Partnering With Berkeley Public Schools Fund

Since its inaugural year, The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon has aligned with local non-profit organization, Berkeley Public Schools Fund to support programs that enrich educational opportunities throughout Berkeley. Over the past two years, runners and community members have supported the Berkeley Public Schools Fund through fundraising ... More

Berkeley and San Francisco – The Challenge Awaits!

Written By Meg Gudgeirsson, TSFM Ambassador As a runner, I’m always looking for new challenges. Can I run a distance faster? Can I run a longer distance? Can I tie two of my favorite cities and running events together? The SF/Berkeley Challenge let’s me accomplish that last one! When you run one of the events at The Biofreeze San ... More

Unfortunately, Even Trail Mix Gets Old

Written By Joel Goyette, BetterDoctor With the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon just weeks away it’s likely your metabolism is in hyperdrive as a result of stretching and strengthening every muscle in your body. Last week Registered Dietitian Sarah Koszyk shed light on the role of pre- and post-workout snacks as powerful tools to ... More

Stay Fueled & Energized During Your Race!

Written by Sarah Koszyk Race day is coming next month! We are excited to run the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon on November 24th and fly through the streets. You have already been running and training for the event. As you start to increase your mileage and distance, you’ll need to stay fueled and energized. Here are some tips on how ... More

Stay Hydrated with These Tips & Flavor Up Your Regular Water

Written by Sarah Koszyk Hydration is necessary and water is essential for life. Up to 60% of the human body is comprised of water. We need water to balance our system, lubricate ourselves, assist with internal chemical reactions, regulate body temperature, and much, much more. Muscles are also comprised of water so the more muscle mass one ... More

Enhance Your Workouts By Fueling Yourself Before & After

Written by Sarah Koszyk Adequately fueling yourself before and after a workout is important for optimizing recovery, increasing energy, and controlling hunger. Whether you work out in the morning or the evening, make sure to have a pre-workout snack. Many people aren’t accustomed to eating a snack before a morning run and choose to ... More