Unfortunately, Even Trail Mix Gets Old

Written By Joel Goyette, BetterDoctor

With the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon just weeks away it’s likely your metabolism is in hyperdrive as a result of stretching and strengthening every muscle in your body.

Last week Registered Dietitian Sarah Koszyk shed light on the role of pre- and post-workout snacks as powerful tools to minimize recovery time and soreness.

This week I want to share a snack popular with endurance athletes and people who simply can’t eat any more trail mix: a hearty, healthy and endlessly adaptable green smoothie.

Green smoothies are the perfect snack

Green smoothies tick three important check boxes for busy athletes:

1. Quick and easy to make

2. Delicious

3. Nutritious and filling

Quick and easy to make: Especially now with so few hours of daylight, green smoothies are a great choice for a quick food fix either before or after working out. Simply throw everything into a blender, whiz on high for 45 seconds and slurp away.

*Pro tip: Pulse warm, soapy water in blender for instant cleanup.

Delicious: Green smoothies combine two of the most satisfying ingredients in one frosty cup: healthy fats and fresh veggies. Love kale? Go to town! Hate kale? Try spinach or collard greens. Experiment until you find the perfect blend for your palate.

Nutritious and filling: Thanks to their fiber-rich vegetables and healthy hunger fighting fats, green smoothies metabolize slowly for sustained energy, unlike fruit-based smoothies.

The last green smoothie recipe you’ll ever need


1 bunch kale, roughly chopped (or baby spinach, collard greens)
1/2 cup canned coconut milk (not from carton—check out ingredient list to see why)
1/2 or whole avocado
Handful frozen berries
2 tablespoons nut butter
Optional: splash of cold water to help blades get going

Mix-ins: Optional

Raw cocoa powder
Seasonal fresh fruit
Nuts soaked overnight in water
Mint or parsley
Grated ginger
Lemon juice or zest


Add coconut milk, avocado, nut butter and frozen berries and any other wet ingredients to blender.
Next add kale and other ingredients. Blend on high for 45 seconds or until smooth. If needed, add
a splash of water to help smoothie get started.

What are some of your favorite green smoothie ingredients? Leave a note in the comments or on Twitter @JoelGoyette.

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