Berkeley Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile Series: Mile Thirteen & Finish

I’m calling this one Mile Thirteen, even though it’s really mile thirteen and some change. I like to ignore that .2 until I’m forced to deal with it.

At the end of Channing you’re heading left on Spaulding Ave, then zig-zagging:

Right on Allston (here will be your final water-stop)

Right on Jefferson,

Left on Bancroft,

Right on McKinley,

and finally left on MLK Jr.

Get all that? Luckily we have the power of foresight and signage, so I wouldn’t try too hard to commit this all to memory. It should be fairly obvious come race day. Once on MLK Jr you’re going to run past Berkeley high-school again and tear right through mile thirteen. Congratulations, but at this point the eyes are on the prize.

Finish out your race and dash through the finish line on Allston – photo finish. Congratulations you’ve finished your half-marathon. Walk out the soreness and get ready to perch those legs; perhaps enjoy a delicious bubbly beverage. It just so happens local brewery Trumer Pils would love to supply you with one of their delicious golden pilsners. If you’re more of the non-alcoholic type, then Polar Seltzer would love you to try one of their varieties of delicious carbonated waters.

Now relax and enjoy the rest of your very sore day and week – you’ve earned it!

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