#TrainingTipThursday: 3 Half Marathon Workouts For The Perfect Race Day

We’re about one month away from the 2018 Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon on November 18th and we’re wondering…how has your training journey been going?

Whether you’re gleaming with pride with the work you’ve put in, or doing what you can; we want to make sure that you’re dialing in on the key workouts that will set you up for a perfect race day.

For this week’s #TrainingTipThursday, we’re revisiting one of the best videos on half marathon training that you will find on the internet. Join Coach Nate as he walks us through the 3 key workouts for any half marathon training plan, as well as small improvements to make that will contribute to big changes.

Let’s train and strengthen our bodies the correct way to keep us running healthy, running happy, and racing strong. Who knows…we might surprise ourselves on race day!

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