#TrainingThursday: Should Marathon & Half Marathon Runners Lift Weights? Pt. II

In our Part 2 on answering the question, “Should marathon and half marathon runners lift weights?” we dig into the more specific questions around the particulars of your workout.

  1. First, we address the commonly held view that runners should only be doing “runner specific” exercises. Besides, since all humans have the same hips, knees, ankles, and spines…a “runner specific” squat doesn’t really exist!
  2. Second, we dig into what single leg exercises you should be performing: lunges, split squats, step ups, and single leg deadlifts.
  3. Finally, we discuss what happens when you lift “heavy” – your technique & safety improves, you develop incredible core strength and stability, and provide an anabolic training stimulus that promotes balance and recovery from your highly catabolic running sessions.

Want to know what a strength training session should like? What days of the week strength train? And should you lift before or AFTER your runs? We’ll save that for our final installment in Part 3.

Miss Part 1? You can check it out here!

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    Renuka Alladi
    August 31, 2018 (1:55 am)

    How do we keep up with training when we are traveling? Harder to schedule with jet lag any Reccommendations? Thanks

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