Ever wonder what running the The Berkeley Half Marathon course is like? Let the Berkeley Half Marathon staff take you through the experience of running the The Berkeley Half Marathon mile-by-mile. Get a sneak peak, then get registered and get training!

Mile 6 takes runners from the Northbrae neighborhood to the Westbrae neighborhood. Northbrae, which made the American Planning Association’s list of Great Places in America in 2011, took shape in 1906 when many residents of San Francisco moved east after an earthquake. When this area was first built Garden suburbs and the Beaux Arts style were prominent influences for this new area and as such runners can find many classical elements throughout the Northbrae neighborhood.

While mainly residential, nearby Westbrae is home to a small business district with small yet delicious restaurants and a natural foods store. The origin of Westbrae is directly connected to the Key System. The Key System was part of a larger enterprise which included real estate, the Realty Syndicate. The name “Westbrae” was given by the Key developers and included tracts north of Codornices Creek in Albany. A street through the heart of this area was, and remains, “Key Route Boulevard”.

Runners often find this stretch of the course to be both tranquil and energizing. Large trees line the course on both sides through this stretch providing a serene atmosphere. From The Fountain at The Circle along all of Monterey Ave the course experiences a gradual gentle downhill which while not steep, is long. This section of the course is a great opportunity to pick up speed and push your overall race pace.