#TrainingThursday: 3 Injury Prevention Tips For Runners

When it comes to injuries in your half marathon training – it’s like riding a bike. Sooner or later, you know it’s not “if” you fall…but when. But fear not – injuries do not have to be frightening, stressful affairs especially if you start your training with the right habits and exercises on a daily and weekly schedule.

This video will show you how to bake these injury prevention tips INTO your training schedule and daily life so you can avoid getting injured in the first place! Or at the very least expedite your return to happily ticking off those miles.

What You’ll Learn

Part 1: What do healthy tissues feel like? Are you even healthy RIGHT NOW?!

Part 2: Where do injuries typically come from and what you can do during training to prevent them from popping up.

Part 3: Learn why you should plan for everything to go wrong and why it may just save your season!

Put these three things together and you’ll set yourself up for a successful marathon build with minimal disruptions!

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