Stay Hydrated with nuun

nuun returns once again as the official on-course electrolyte of the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon

You know the importance of staying hydrated. But hydrating during/after you long run may not be enough. For longer runs, you may need to pre-load (or top off) your electrolyte stores. This will increase the availability of fluids and electrolytes, and studies have shown it may improve your athletic performance. 

There are two main benefits to pre-loading:

1. topping off magnesium/calcium stores

Magnesium and calcium work together to ensure your muscles contract and relax properly. Your muscles seize up when cramping occurs, and it’s believed that having these nutrients readily available may delay or prevent the onset of muscle cramps.

2. topping off sodium/potassium stores

Your body can bleed through your sodium and potassium stores pretty quickly when you’re sweating heavily and/or are a salty sweater. These nutrients are key to retaining fluids, so it’s important to have adequate stores and to hydrate on race day.

pre-loading procedure

But how do you pre-load effectively? With triple strength Nuun Electrolytes!

The night before a long run or race, consume three (that’s right, three) tabs of Nuun Electrolytes dissolved in 16 ounces of water. This will taste extra salty, so we recommend pre-loading with Nuun Electrolytes Orange. (It has a less intense salt flavor.) To complete the pre-loading process, drink triple strength Nuun Electrolytes again the following morning (up to one hour before exercise).

If you’re thirsty when you toe the start line, you’re already dehydrated. Topping off your electrolyte stores prior to a race or long run will help ensure you’re hydrated and ready to go.

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