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Mental Wellness: Could Running Improve More than Your Physical Health?

While it’s well known that exercise has a myriad of positive effects on people's physical health, many believe it can greatly improve mental wellness as well. Written by Lucas Collins Edited by Pavlína Marek A daily jog or gym routine can often leave you sore and exhausted, however, it can also bring an undeniable ... More

5 Best Berkeley Trails for Running with a Stroller

"Start 'em young," they say. However, nobody ever specified how young. Maybe "stroller age" is the best time to start them, then! Here are five best Berkeley trails for running with a stroller. Written & edited by Pavlína Marek So, you're ready to hit the trails again. Your little one is used to the stroller. You've ... More

Five Secrets to Regaining Motivation to Run

Contributed by Stephanie Laska, a 2017 Ambassador for the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon.   So, you’ve had a dry spell – haven’t we all? Oh, and we are talking about running here! Maybe it’s been a few months (or years – gasp!) since you’ve hit the pavement, but I’m here to assure you that all is not ... More