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It’s Like A Big City Half Marathon With A Small Town Feel

If you haven’t yet run through the streets of downtown Berkeley, you might be asking yourself why not, just like Race Ambassador Christine O'Connell did. After running through downtown Berkeley for the first time, she said, “Wow! This is so much cooler than I thought! Why don’t I come out here and run more? The ... More

Don’t Miss Out On The Community, Friendships, and Celebration

“I can feel just how supportive this community is,” says Vanessa Wallace, Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador. “It’s a fun course and it’s good to see people I haven’t seen in awhile,” says Charles Lim, another Race Ambassador this year. Runners who come out to the same local races year after year ... More

Celebrate & Support Education By Running The Berkeley Half Marathon This Fall

“Fall running is my favorite,” says Vanessa Wallace, Race Ambassador. Fall is a time for enjoying the cooler weather, everything pumpkin and spice, watching the leaves change color, and going back to school. What better way to celebrate fall than by running in the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon in November? And, ... More

Two Beautiful Cities On The Bay (Plus ALL The Medals)

“I think of Berkeley as a mini-San Francisco. I just love the Bay Area,” says Mike Dasalla, Race Ambassador. This is why Mike decided to run both the San Francisco Marathon and the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon this year -- he wants to enjoy both of these beautiful cities on the Bay. He’s also looking forward to ... More

Gait Analysis for Runners

I can't remember which pair of shoes I bought when I first got into running a few years ago — and that's a problem! Like a lot… More