Celebrate & Support Education By Running The Berkeley Half Marathon This Fall

“Fall running is my favorite,” says Vanessa Wallace, Race Ambassador.

Fall is a time for enjoying the cooler weather, everything pumpkin and spice, watching the leaves change color, and going back to school.

What better way to celebrate fall than by running in the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon in November?

And, while you’re doing that you can also celebrate going back to school by supporting local public education.

Each year since the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon began in 2013, funds raised have gone to support the local non-profit Berkeley Public Schools Fund.

The Berkeley Public Schools Fund is the largest source of outside funding to directly reach teachers and programs in all 19 Berkeley public schools, from pre-K to 12th grade.

The Fund helps teachers make their creative ideas for their students become a reality, supporting field trips, cool science and math projects in classrooms, amazing artwork, and bringing in outside presentations to the schools.

By running in any of the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon races in November, you are also supporting this amazing organization that is helping local schools, teachers, and students.

Fundraising from the Berkeley Half Marathon “annually supports $30,000 in classroom grant funding, which covers up to three of Berkeley’s elementary schools. That’s a big impact for teachers and students,” says Erin Rhoades, Executive Director of the Berkeley Public Schools Fund.

“The grants address a wide range of needs from classroom libraries, to math games, environmental education field trips to cooking lessons – together helping to bring education alive for our elementary students,” Erin continued.

Come out and celebrate education, while also getting in more physical activity for the whole family at the Family 1k Race on Saturday, Nov. 16, at 8 a.m.

When you register for the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon, donate $35 or more to the Berkeley Public Schools Fund and you’ll also get this awesome tie dye shirt to show your support.

Whichever race you decide to run in the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon in November, make sure you come to enjoy the Berkeley fall weather, the beauty of the Cal Berkeley campus, and remember that while you’re running, you’re also supporting the education of 10,000 local students!

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