#TrainingTipThursday – 4 Training Mistakes to Avoid

It’s focus time! When we’re in the thick of our half marathon/marathon training, it’s easy to focus on the aspect of simply logging in the miles throughout the week. Right now is a great opportunity to take stock of the things we’re doing correct but to also fine-tune the areas of improvement that may be overlooked. It’s the little details that can make the big changes!

For this week’s training tips, our friends at The Run Experience spotlight 4 broader mistakes that are regularly seen in training and offer strategies on how to avoid them. The more successful our training cycles are, the better optimized we are for race day. Additionally, mitigating these mistakes will set up a smart foundation that we can carry with us in our careers as athletes.

Let’s use our races as a celebration of our training and train smart, always. We’ll see you out there!

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