BHM 2015 Race Weekend App Available for Download

We have great news for runners and spectators alike. This year, The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon is delivering free live runner tracking through our race weekend app, available for iPhone and Android, as well as race-day web-based tracking. Download the app today for free on iPhone or Android, then select The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon in Upcoming Events, and get ready to enjoy live runner tracking, updates, real-time race splits and more.

Download the FREE runner tracking app today, and select “Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon” as your event:




Key Features of live race tracking are:IMG_3104

  • Live runner tracking: paces, estimates, and location in real-time
  • Real-time Facebook and Twitter posts as a runner progresses on course
  • Live Push Notifications as a runner makes progress on course
  • Race Leaderboards
  • Live Map Tracking of Runners
  • Runner Finisher Badges with Splits
  • Race Information


The real time race tracking system that powers race weekend runner tracking allows you to track multiple runners during race day. You’ll have real-time runner data at your fingertips during race weekend, powered by integrated chip timing.

Spectators can look to the app for split times, pace and estimated finish times for their selected runners – and monitor leader boards for each race. The app’s map allows spectators to follow runners as they travel around the course on race day.IMG_3106

Push notifications will ensure runner sand spectators alike are getting the latest alerts and race information, all weekend long.IMG_3107

Download the app today for free on iPhone or Android to get the latest race weekend guide at your finger tips – and stay tuned for additional features as they roll out as race weekend approaches!


Download and Activation Instructions:

Download the FREE app:

Apple-Store-icon          Google_Play_icon


Once you’ve downloaded the app:

  • Claim your runner profile pre-race
  • Encourage your friends and family to download the app and track you (instructions below) pre-race, so they’re ready for race morning.
  • Pre-race, you should enable Facebook/Twitter notifications so that your stats will post live as you pass each checkpoint in the race.
  • Post-race, once you cross the finish line you can review your split times in-app.
  • Post-race, once you cross the finish line, you can download or socially share your finisher badge with your chip time listed.

Family, Friends and Fans:

  • Pre-race, sign up to track a runner
  • Pre-race, choose “Follow” once you’re tracking a runner, to enable real-time race day notifications to publish to Facebook and/or Twitter as your runner(s) make progress on course.
  • Pre-race, view the “Info” tab for the latest race info
  • On race day, view the “Map” tab to see your runners progress on course
  • On race day, view the “Messages” tab for the latest from race day
  • On race day, view the “Leaders” tab to see live Leaderboards for each race


PLEASE NOTE: Live Tracking results are Unofficial. Official results are posted upon completion of the event.

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