Lace Up Your Shoes and Take a Deep Breath: Your Local Trails are Waiting!

Trail running doesn’t have to be hard, but it better be fun. That’s why the Berkeley Half Marathon is putting on a series of trail races, each of them on the less-frequented trails around the Bay Area. Every event will also feature short distances and kids’ races; it will be all fun and games until… who are we kidding, it will always be fun and games!

Because we love our beautiful public lands, sustainability is one of our biggest concerns. Recyclable cups and edible medals (yes, edible!) are only one of the ways we’ll ensure our impact on Mother Earth is the smallest it can be. We also care greatly about the safety and enjoyment of our runners; that’s why we’ll be offering a real-time GPS tracker. With this tracker you’ll be able to see where on the course you are in relation to the Aid Stations or check out the leader board.

Every runner can look forward to a collectible pin, aid stations with good-natured volunteers, and post-event drink, food, and camaraderie. And because one can never have enough caffeine (but don’t quote us on that), there will also be coffee at the finish line!

While the Berkeley Half Marathon is a big event, our RUN365 Trail races will be smaller, community-based runs for runners and hikers alike. Competitive runners can look forward to prizes like shoes from our sponsors or Starbucks gift cards while everybody will get to enjoy the support of the beautiful trail-running community.

Through these events, we hope to foster love of trail running, its community, and the outdoors. Whether you’re a hiker or a runner, you’re welcome to come out and spend your Sunday morning with us once a month!

Mark your calendars; our kickoff event at Crockett Hills Regional Park will take place on April 23rd! 

More trail run dates to be added soon.