Ever wonder what running the The Berkeley Half Marathon course is like? Let the Berkeley Half Marathon staff take you through the experience of running the The Berkeley Half Marathon mile-by-mile. Get a sneak peak, then get registered and get training!

Mile 7 takes runners down a steady decline beginning at just over 150 feet of elevation and ending just above sea level. Continuing down GIlman St. runners pass neighborhood mainstay the Berkeley Natural Grocery and Co Op. As a worker owned store with a history stretching back to the early 1970s they tout their careful selection of organic, local and Non-GMO products. In addition to sourcing top quality foods, they are committed to minimizing their impact on the environment through operational systems such as composting, recycling, and using 100% green power.

Runners who need a healthy drink at this point in the race are in luck as just past the Berkeley Natural Grocery and Co Op is Water Stop 3.

After rehydrating, runners cross over the Ohlone Greenway. Named for the Ohlone Indians who once lived in the area, this trail doubles as a commuting corridor and a recreation destination for the cities of Berkeley, Albany and El Cerrito. While the Ohlone Greenway is certainly an urban trail, it weaves together a number of parks and green spaces, community gardens and interpretive kiosks to create a pleasurable and informative trail experience. Spanning 5.3 miles The Ohlone Greenway begins at the east end of Ohlone Park in Berkeley and runs westward. Runners and cyclists can often be found along this path.

Cruising through residential neighborhoods, runners make their way down Santa Fe Ave., Page St. and Tenth St. before Jones St. brings them towards the waterfront.