Ever wonder what running the The Berkeley Half Marathon course is like? Let the Berkeley Half Marathon staff take you through the experience of running the The Berkeley Half Marathon mile-by-mile. Get a sneak peak, then get registered and get training!

Berkeley’s collegiate and communal atmosphere is an ideal setting for runners of all ages to take to the streets for fitness, for health and for fun. No other event embodies this running community spirit more than the Berkeley Half Marathon. From historic buildings, to the iconic campus to incredible bay views, The Berkeley Half Marathon course takes runners on a tour of this incredible town and lets runners experience the beauty of Berkeley.

With a comfortable 7:30 AM start time, Mile 1 begins on Milvia Street at Berkeley High with over 9,000 runners lining up to begin their journey. Runners can feel the energy amongst the crowd as they take their places in their start corrals. With a cheer from the crowd runners take off down Milvia Street passing the Berkeley High Stadium on their right. Founded in 1884, Berkeley High was the first high school to be accredited by the University of California. With over 3,000 students Berkeley High is the only public high school for the town of Berkeley. Berkeley High Stadium is home to the Yellow Jackets and features football, soccer and more.

Mile 1 turns down Haste Street, crossing Shattuck Ave, before turning right onto Fulton street. Shattuck Ave is one of Berkeley’s main thoroughfares with many retail shops, restaurants, bars and more. Runners will experience Shattuck more during Mile 4. Overall Mile 1 is fairly flat with less than 50 feet of elevation change. Mile 1 ends when Fulton Street meets Russell Street.