Important Message

This year you have an option to select a Refundable Registration. Please read the following carefully to decide if you wish to add this to your registration.

You cannot add this later, it must be added at the original time of race purchase.

Only items purchased on your race registration are eligible for the refund option. Any after registration add-on purchases or changes (like BART or race upgrades/downgrades) OR training & virtual (after 1/15/2022) are NOT eligible for the refund purchase option. Please note: Should the Race be reschedule or canceled, the Refund Terms do NOT apply.

  • What are Refundable Terms?
    Refundable Terms are designed to upgrade the standard refund terms of your registration to allow you to apply for a 100% refund should you not be able to attend due to an unforeseen and/or emergency circumstance. If you are struck by an unforeseen circumstance included in the Refundable Terms, you will be entitled to apply for a 100% directly to your chosen bank account through a simple online Refund Application Form. This can be any time from date of purchase to 60 days after Race Weekend (Feb 27th, 2022), should you have not been able to attend.
  • What is included in the Refundable Terms?
    The Refundable Terms include as many circumstances as possible that may prevent you from attending your booking, including (but not limited to):

    • Illness / Injury
    • Pre-existing Medical Condition
    • Pregnancy Complication
    • Death of Immediate Family
    • Public Transport Failure
    • Scheduled Airline Failure
    • Mechanical Breakdown
    • Jury Service
    • Court Summons
    • Home Emergency
    • Armed Forces & Emergency Services Recall
    • Adverse Weather
    • Relocated for Work
    • Theft of Tickets
    • Government Travel Ban
    • Changes to Examination Dates
    • Emergency Circumstances

    You can find the full list of Refundable Terms here.

    Please note, the term “emergency circumstances” is designed to include an endless range of situations that you could experience to ensure these terms are as broad as possible for you.

  • Fee for refundable registration
    This upgrade comes at a small fee of $10% of your full cart price (registration plus any additional products or merchandise purchased) however as you can never predict any of the circumstances mentioned we would highly recommend this to ensure you receive the best service that we can provide!
  • How would I apply for a Refund?
    The Refund Application process is very simple; you would visit this link which is also in your Registration Confirmation email. Use the Refund ID provided in that email to start your Refund application. The application requires you to provide basic information and evidence about your refund reason

    Once validated by our dedicated Refund Team, you will receive the 100% refund directly to your
    chosen bank account within 4 days of application completion.

  • When can I apply for a refund?
    You may apply for a refund via the online Refund Application Form any time from date of purchase to 60 days after Race Weekend (Feb 27th, 2022), should you have not been able to attend.
  • What happens if my circumstance isn’t included in any of the Refundable Terms?
    If you feel your circumstance is “unforeseen” and/or classed as an “emergency” then we would recommend you to still apply through the online Refund Application Form as the circumstance will be considered by our consumer-centric refund team. If it is not classed as such, your refund application will likely be denied according to the terms.
  • What is excluded from the Refundable Terms?
    Any circumstance that is not detailed in the T&Cs nor can be considered an unforeseen and/or emergency circumstance would not be eligible for a refund. Please find a list of generic exclusions in our Terms and Conditions under “Specific reasons where refunds will not be provided.”

    We can’t give you a full specific list of exclusions due to the “emergency circumstances” which is
    handled on a discretionary basis, and as it would restrict our terms. However generally “I don’t
    want to attend/don’t feel like attending/I forgot” is not a valid reason for refund.

    Refundable Terms do not include if the race is cancelled by the Berkeley Half Marathon or if the date of the race is moved by the Berkeley Half Marathon.

    The Refundable Terms are only applicable to personal unforeseen and emergency circumstances
    preventing you from attending Race Weekend.

  • Do these extended terms include COVID-19 related circumstances?
    Certain COVID-19 related refund scenarios are paid on a discretionary basis and are listed in the terms, but not all COIVD-19 related refunds can be accepted.

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Read full Refundable Terms here.

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