SF/Berkeley Challenge

Race the Bay and earn more bling by participating in the San Francisco Marathon/Berkeley Half Marathon Challenge. Earn an additional commemorative medal after crossing the Finish Line at your second race. Run any distance at each race, consecutively and pick up your medal as you cross the finish line of the second race. See below for rules and details of this fun challenge.

NEW! Bay to Bay 10K Challenge

Participate in our San Francisco Marathon 10K on September 19th, 2021, then run the Berkeley Half Marathon 10K on February 27th.  That’s all you have to do to qualify!  As a bonus, you will receive a  free in-training shirt, ready in time for you to start training for Berkeley (Early December 2021). Also, when you cross the finish line in Berkeley you will earn a coveted challenge pin!  Start this new challenge and earn a new pin every year!

Challenge Rules

  • To qualify for the SF/Berkeley Challenge Medal, run and complete any distance race of The San Francisco Marathon and any distance race of the Berkeley Half Marathon consecutively with official finish times for both events.
  • To be automatically eligible, runners must register for both events with the same first and last name and date of birth.
  • Runners are eligible to receive the challenge medal at their second qualifying event in the series depending on where they started. The events do not have to be in the same year but they do need to be consecutive. If you skip an event, the challenge starts over.
  • Upon completing their second qualifying event, runners must pick up their commemorative medal at the Finish Line on Race Day.
  • Once a runner completes the challenge, the challenge starts again.
  • The 2021 Berkeley Half will be held in Feb 2022.
  • SF/Berk Challenge You ran any distance Virtually or in person at the 2021 San Francisco Marathon and are running any distance Virtually or in person at the 2021 Berkeley Half Marathon (Feb. 2022), (if you were not already a qualifier at the San Francisco 2021 Marathon).

Race Instructions

  • Remember to pick up your bib at our Race Weekend Bib Pick-up and check for the SF/Berkeley Challenge stamp/print on the corner of your bib. You’ll need this stamp to redeem your medal at the Finish Line. If your bib is not marked and you believe you are eligible, please visit the Challenge Solutions Table during Packet Pickup to confirm eligibility and get your bib stamped.
  • Medals will be available for pick-up at the Challenges booth at the Finish Line at the Berkeley Half Marathon.
  • Medals must be picked up at the Finish Line and will not be mailed for any reason.

The San Francisco Marathon Course


The Berkeley Half Marathon Course


Check Your Eligibility

Click below and enter your first and last name and email. Confirmation status will show challenge or loyalty program name and YES if eligible. If you believe eligibility status is not showing correctly, contact support@emallc.com.


Accept the Challenge

The San Francisco Marathon • Sept 19, 2021


The Berkeley Half Marathon • Feb 27, 2022