2017 Post-Workout Recovery Tips from Muscle Milk

Stay in race shape and kick off 2017 with this guide on post-run recovery from Muscle Milk. If you've taken a break from running since the Berkeley Half Marathon in November, this is a great time to resume your training and maintain your motivation. Plan ahead. After an intense workout, you should be replenishing your body with fluids ... More

Give for Good: Canned Food Drive at Packet PickUp

Since our inaugural race four years ago, Berkeley Half Marathon has partnered with Berkeley Public Schools Fund to raise crucial dollars for educational grants that enrich classrooms throughout Berkeley. You'll see lots of Team Schools Fund runners out on the course on race day. Currently, there are 45 team members raising money for ... More

#GUforit – Which Energy Chew Flavor Do You Prefer?

Vote for the GU Energy Chews flavor you want on-course. More

Pre-loading Electrolyte Stores for Race Day

You know you need to hydrate during training and on race day, but that may not be enough. One area of hydration that has gotten a lot of attention recently is pre-loading (or topping off) your electrolyte stores. There are two main benefits to pre-loading: 1. topping off magnesium/calcium stores Magnesium and calcium work together to ensure ... More

Fundraiser Spotlight: The Johnston Family Runs for The Berkeley Public Schools Fund

Since its inaugural year, The Berkeley Half Marathon has aligned with local non-profit organization, the Berkeley Public Schools Fund, to support programs that enrich educational opportunities in Berkeley schools. The funds raised by the Berkeley Half Marathon runners for the Schools Fund have supported much-needed programs, ... More

Three Top Long Training Runs in Berkeley

Looking for new training routes are we lead up to The Berkeley Half Marathon on November 20th? Here are three of our picks for road runners in Berkeley. More

Susanne Runs to Close the Achievement Gap

Over the past three years, runners and community members have supported the Berkeley Public Schools Fund through fundraising associated with The Berkeley Half Marathon, raising over $70,000 in charitable donations. More

Earning the SF/Berkeley Challenge Medal

Not just another medal showing that I had crossed a finish line — but an embodiment of my new commitment to running and a healthy lifestyle, racing not just to cross another time off my list but to keep moving forward toward new goals. More

Are You New to Running? Lessons From Lulu

Tips on how to build a healthy running habit – with the help of your dog. More

Go the Distance: Choosing the Right Race

There are plenty of considerations to make when choosing between the Berkeley Half Marathon (13.1 miles,) 10K (6.2 miles) and 5K (3.1 miles). Each distance has its own unique advantages, whether you're looking to challenge yourself by running for distance, running for pace, or running to tackle a new goal. More