Train with UCAN for steady, long-lasting energy with no spikes and no crash. UCAN energy & hydration drinks have no sugar to support your health and fitness goals. Make your calories count with UCAN.


Drink our UCAN Performance Energy Powder 30 minutes before your workout. 1 serving delivers 90+ minutes of sustained energy with no spikes and no crash. Try a UCAN bar instead if you prefer to eat your pre-workout fuel.


The beauty of fueling with UCAN pre-run is that runners can primarily focus on hydration instead of fueling during the run. Drink 1 serving of Hydrate every 1-2 hours during your run based on your individual hydration needs.

If you’re running for over 2 hours, carry UCAN with you and re-fuel with 1 serving every 90 minutes. Experiment by making a UCAN gel!


Our UCAN Performance Energy + Protein tubs give you a mix of our energy-sustaining SuperStarch carbohydrate to prevent a post-run crash + protein to repair and rebuild your muscles.


The key ingredient in UCAN Energy Powders and Bars is SuperStarch®, a patented energy source without sugar or stimulants that delivers an even-release of carbohydrates to steady your blood sugar. Most energy products with simple carbohydrates cause a big spike in blood glucose and give you a short-lived boost, but they soon leave you more drained than when you started. SuperStarch® is a smarter energy source to avoid the spike & crash in blood glucose that commonly occurs with most simple carbs. The slow-release of carbohydrates provided by SuperStarch® helps runners maintain steady, long-lasting energy levels. UCAN products deliver smarter energy powered by SuperStarch® to help you finish stronger.

Learn more about the science of SuperStarch®


UCAN will be serving a variety of nutrition products for energy, hydration, and recovery on race day.


Fuel up pre-race by drinking UCAN Performance Energy for steady, long-lasting energy. The Orange UCAN Performance Energy drink will be available as you walk to the race start. Struggle to eat before a race? Runners love UCAN because it’s easy on the stomach!


UCAN Hydrate is the electrolyte replacement that will be served at every water stop on the marathon and half marathon course. Hydrate has no sugar/zero calories and 5 essential electrolytes to replenish the mix of nutrients lost in sweat. The Berry Hydrate flavor will be served on-course on race day.


Celebrate the joy of finishing your race with a UCAN bar, available right in the finisher’s chute! UCAN bars are a delicious treat to curb the hangry feeling and prevent a post-race crash!

Make your way over to the Finish Festival and enjoy an ice cold UCAN Performance Energy + Protein shake to get the recovery process started right!


Join running coach and exercise scientist Greg McMillan and human metabolism researcher Dr. Cathy Yeckel for a comprehensive webinar on running nutrition.

Do you have health & fitness goals in your training? Learn how smart nutrition strategies can help you get there!