2017 Virtual Race Bag Submission – Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon

Thank you for being a part of Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon's 2017 Virtual Race Bag (VRB). Please fill out this form with your VRB placement details and image (960x960 px). All submissions are subject to review and approval by Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. You will receive a preview for approval closer to race day. If your placement does not meet guidelines or fit the VRB page template, we will contact you with next steps. If you have any questions, please email your contact at Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon or partnerships@jumpingfences.org.
  • Example VRB Placement
    Image Size: 960px x 960px

  • Your placement image will display on our VRB page. Requirements: Image Size: 960px x 960px. File Type: JPEG. File Size: 1MB Max. Image will scale depending on the ad placement size and browser size. We recommend limiting the text placed on your image.
    Accepted file types: jpg.
  • The placement headline will be visible at all times on-page and should grab the user's attention, enticing them to learn more about the offer. Character Limit for 1/3 Width Ad: 28 to 50 Characters Max.
  • Placement details become visible when a viewer clicks on and expands the "View Details" text. This section may contain brand and offer details, fine print (such as coupon code, expiration date, terms & conditions, etc.), and other pertinent information. Character Limit: 400 Characters Max.
  • Please select the Call to Action text for your button. Suggestions: Shop Now, Learn More, Download Coupon, Register Now, Enter Now, Sign Up Now. Button text is subject to approval. Character Limit: 20 Max. (15 or less suggested.)
  • Please include the URL you would like your placement's button to link to. We recommend using a link with UTM code for your internal performance tracking purposes, as we do not track button click rates.
  • Please share any additional comments or notes for the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon team, if applicable. These will NOT be included as part of the ad.