Alessa Moscoso

Alessa is a former soccer player who only became a recent marathoner thanks for her sister (and fellow ambassador), Oksana, who convinced her…

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    running marathons was fun! After being so close to qualifying for Boston in April 2019 her 1st marathon in Nashville, Alessa buckled down to try to qualify her 2nd marathon up in Humboldt, CA and did it! She loves discovering new routes and places through running / hiking and more than anymore loves to run with friends (both new and old!).

Almi Del Villar

Almi is a Nurse Practitioner and an Ultra runner who is on a quest to run in all 50 US states and worldwide. She has completed 3 of the World…

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    Marathon Majors (New York, Chicago, & Berlin) and will be running Boston Marathon in April. Almi is also an official race pacer and an ambassador for Pro Compression socks, Nuun Hydration, and Hylands. She is looking forward to a great opportunity as a 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassador. Almi also belongs to the 52 Club and will be running the Ultra Marathon in July!

Amalia Miller

Amalia is a proud San Francisco native and “Bay Area lifer” that loves being active, traveling, and putting fun before finishing times. Her interest in…

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    running started on the track team and flourished with entry into half marathons and triathlons—representing brands like Pearl Izumi. Amalia loves racing for a cause and has raised over $25,000 for various non-profits. Her passion for running, cycling, and swimming stems from the belief that you really can do anything you put your mind to, especially with the right friends and community. Near-term goals include several firsts: a century ride, mountain bike race, ultra marathon, and full Ironman. You can find Amalia running in downtown San Francisco or on the Bay Trail in Oakland/Berkeley with the RUN365 crew and her little black Italian greyhuahua named Bjork!

Anne Amador

Anne ran cross country in high school, but never really enjoyed the running part of the sport! However, once she ran her first half marathon in 2011, she…

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    was hooked! Anne has since completed 14 half marathons and 5 marathons, with countless other training cycles thrown in there. Anne is currently a member of the Arete Running Club, and she love connecting with other like minded individuals. As a Northern California native, one of her favorite places to run and visit is San Francisco and the Bay Area. She was part of the 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors and is so excited to be an Ambassador for the Berkeley Half Marathon as well! This isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle!

Audrey Abadilla

Audrey began running while in college, merely as a way to relieve stress, but it was only a matter of time until she discovered the multitude of benefits…

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    running had to offer. Since then, running has allowed her to travel and tour new cities, explore trails and revel in nature, cultivate a greater sense of community, support charitable causes, maintain her health, form countless lifelong friendships, and recognize and embrace her true qualities – strength, power, determination, and resilience. Audrey hopes to keep sharing her love and appreciation for the sport with others, and continue encouraging athletes of all levels to challenge their bodies and their beliefs through running. She looks forward to completing the Berkeley Half Marathon for the first time this fall, and carrying that energy into training for her first Boston Marathon appearance in April 2020!

Celina Yee-Izon

Celina’s love for running started in the 3rd grade when she joined the Jesse Owen’s Track & Field Team. In high school she stopped …

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    running competitively because she was embarrassed of her leg muscles and “tomboy” look. Now at the age of 40 and as a mother of 3, she embraces her runner legs and passion for running.

Charles Lim

Charles ran the inaugural Berkeley Half Marathon in 2013. He is an avid road and trail running athlete who likes to mix up his workouts and races with other…

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    non-running events like triathlons, obstacle races, and bootcamp workouts. While he is currently training for a grueling and challenging 50 mile trail ultra marathon, he misses the Berkeley Half scene so much that he is planning to do the Berkeley 5K as a “fun and recovery run”. Wish him luck and join him on the fun in any one of the doable distances today!

Christine O’Connell

Lover of all things Christmas, Disney and Olympics! Christine’s 10th half marathon will be at Berkeley and she has also done the relay! She is also an ambassador…

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    for atlasGO, Momentum Jewelry, Hot Chocolate Races, and RADRabbit. Christine loves volunteering for non-profits and sits on the Committee for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and Associate Board for Girls On The Run!

Elysha Omoomy

Self taught runner of eight marathons, countless half marathons, and intermediate 10k & 5k Athlete; the quest to BQ (Boston-Qualify) helped…

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    inspire health and wellness blog, Over the last couple of years, Elysha achieved milestones she thought were completely impossible. It is this positive feeling that she wants to share and hope to inspire others that it IS possible to achieve the impossible.

Janelle McLeod

Janelle fell in love with running several years ago after watching her father qualify and run the Boston Marathon. She started run/walking a few…

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    blocks a day and it evolved into 5ks, half marathons, full marathons and even a few trail ultra marathons! Janelle would love to BQ herself one day and continues to pursue faster times while exploring races across the US. She also owns a goldendoodle who races 5k’s and 10k’s and is working his way up to his first half! Janelle is currently training for the California International Marathon in December and will be running the Berkeley Half Marathon in November.

Jessica de Leon

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jessica loves exploring the city on foot. She never saw herself as a runner growing up and would say she would only run…

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    if she was being chased. Many years later, this is definitely a different story. After participating in her first half at the 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon, she immediately caught the running bug. She’s got 50+ Half Marathons, 9 Full Marathons and many relays (including The Speed Project from LA to Vegas) under her belt. Her most recent race was as a member of (possilby the top) 4 (Wo)Man Ultra Relay Team at the SF Marathon. The rest of her race calendar includes many local races to supplement her quest to run all the World Major Marathons.

John Lee

John started running in 2012 to manage his weight. He’s run some half marathons and couple of full marathons. Running for fun really took off for…

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    John when he discovered beer running (yes, it’s a thing!). John helps organize a beer running club in Oakland called East Bay Beer Runners. He thinks being in a fun and supportive environment helps people get outside of their comfort zone. The run clubs includes everyone from beginners to people who qualify for Boston Marathon.

Junaline Gines

Never a runner. It only took one race she didn’t even signed up for to fall in love in this sport. Junaline hadn’t stopped running since. Nurse in the morning, runner and gym enthusiast at night.

Kelli Hashimoto

With roots in San Francisco and Raleigh, NC; Kelli can often be found logging miles on both coasts and loves running anything from 5ks to full…

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    marathons. Despite being sidelined with an injury for four months earlier this year, she has managed to make a comeback and chase down new PRs this year. On her race calendar, Kelli will be running the Chicago Marathon in October and the Berkeley Half Marathon 5k in November.

Kelli & Ari Tanghe

Ari and Kelli are a mother/daughter endurance team raising awareness for the inclusion of physically challenged athletes in endurance races.

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    Together they have crossed more than 70 finish lines, including the San Francisco marathon three times, NYC marathon, and Chicago Marathon.

Kennedy & Landry Schoennauer

Landry and Kennedy, Bay Area natives, are freshman at Lincoln High in San Jose and run on the Varsity Cross Country team. They are five sport athletes…

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    and have played soccer for Santa Clara Sporting since they were seven. The twins have been running half marathons since they were eleven and train with the South Bay Runners.

Kerri Anderson

Kerri Anderson started her running journey October 2017 and is currently on a quest to complete 30 races in her 30th year. She is training for her first…

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    marathon and loves to use Half Marathon’s to keep her motivated on her journey. She is looking forward to running the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon because of all the fond memories of going there while growing up in the SF Bay Area.

Kimberly Pavela

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, Kimmie has been running races since she was young. 14 half marathons and 3 full marathons later, she’s still loving…

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    it! Kimmie is a runner by day and a nurse by night. Kimmie’s motto, “No matter what your crazy schedule is, there is always time for a run! Just set a goal, hold yourself accountable, and be flexible with your training schedule.”

Kithumini Jayasiri

Kithumini is an LA native but has been in the Bay Area for the past 4 years while attending UC Berkeley, and she is now a San Francisco resident. In…

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    grade school, she used to fake sickness to get out of the lap at PE; fast forward a couple years, and now, being sick isn’t even enough to get her to skip a long run. She started running in summer of 2018 and has run 4 full marathons since. Kithumini is currently training for the Chicago Marathon in October and will be running the Berkeley Half Marathon in November.

Leana Lai

With five full marathons under Leana’s belt, the SF Marathon accounts for three of them! She’s completed the first half (2014), the second half (2015)…

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    and then finally the full (2016) as her first full marathon! Being one of her favorite races, Leana keeps coming back for more year after year. Bay Area born and raised, she used to hate running, but found a love for it and the running community over the last several years. It lets her enjoy life, celebrate health, and has challenged her to reach for new goals. When not running, you can find Leana hiking around the Bay Area, petting ALL the dogs, drinking sour beers, finding the next best restaurant on Yelp, and traveling as much as possible.

Loree Tabigne

Bay Area born and raised, being a runner wasn’t in her mind in the begininng but now has grown a love for it since 2014 and is out to set personal…

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    records every time she steps foot on the concrete, to enjoy every run, meet new people, see old friends and make new memories. The latter half of the year will consist of running the Giant Race, East Bay 510K and the Berkeley Half Marathon 5K.

Michael Dasalla

Mike runs mostly marathons and halfs but he likes to mix it up with trail running. He was never an athlete or involved in any sport until…

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    he discovered running in his late 30s, which saved him from heart-related health issues. Having finished Chicago, NY & Boston, he now aims to run all World Marathon Majors. He also loves running in the Bay Area and is looking forward to finish his first ever race in Berkeley!

Oksana Moscoso

Oksana is a former ballerina turned marathoner who started her running journey in 2016. Since then she’s run 6 half-marathons, and 3 marathons, most…

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    recently qualifying for the Boston Marathon in April 2019! Her passion for an active lifestyle stems from growing up on the Central Coast of California, always hiking and spending time outdoors with her family . Currently based in Nashville, Oksana is also an ambassador for Outdoor Voices leading runs and jogs around Music City. Outside of running, she loves cooking (and eating), baking, exploring, and spending time with friends.

Penelope Hansen

Penelope started running in 2014 just after she moved to San Francisco as a way to explore the city and deal with big life changes. When her roommate’s…

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    girlfriend suggested she try a local race, Penelope signed up and ran her first half marathon in 2015. Soon after, encouraged by a co-worker, her first full marathon followed later that year. Since then, Penelope has met many other encouraging and inspiring people in the running community. It is those “positive vibes” that make Penelope want to share running and her love of fitness activities with friends, family, co-workers and others in her community.

Ron Poggi

Ron is a SF Bay Area native who started running in high school. After giving up on the sport for many, many years, he got off the couch to run in 2006 and…

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    hasn’t looked back since. Recently completing his 100th lifetime half marathon. He enjoys coaching fellow runners’ complete marathons, and, considers running in the Boston Marathon several times as an amazing lifetime experience.

Ronald Quintero

Ronald is a Berkeley resident, originally from Honduras. Running keeps Ronald fit and helps him to train as he chases the 7 summits of the world. Ronald…

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    is a CrossFit coach and trainer by profession and he enjoys all fitness activities. He enjoys the coaching aspect but most of all, he strives to get people off the couch to get them moving.

Sama Hanif

Sama Hanif born & raised in Fiji Islands migrated to USA in 1988. Started running in January of 2018, ran first Half Marathon in May 2018 and 6 months…

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    later in December, ran her first Full Marathon and a month later ran her first 50k. In the span of 15 months has ran 24 Half Marathons. She loves to volunteer at races and take selfies. Works at a Fremont family operated company in Accounting Department. When not running ,Sama loves listening to music and cooking. Sama is a Single mother of a 27 year old son. Social Media fanatic.

Starr Tomlinson

Starr was born and raised in the Bay Area and has been an avid runner for many years with hopes of qualifying for the…

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    Boston Marathon in 2021. She has run 5 full marathons and close to 100 half marathons over the past 12 years. She is also an ambassador for the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon and Koala Clip and is a member of Arete women’s running group.

Stephanie Laska

Author of the #1 low carb diet book on Amazon, Stephanie Laska is the best-selling author of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Getting Started: How I Lost 140…

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    Pounds. She is passionate about inspiring others to fight obesity having lost half of her entire body weight. Stephanie left behind a giant dent on the couch to run twelve marathons, two of which earned her a first-place marathon medal. As part of the chosen “Clean Start Team”, Stephanie even ran the New York City Marathon in 2017 as a sponsored athlete from PowerBar©. Whether volunteering as an Ambassador or Pacer, Stephanie supports runners of the San Francisco Marathon to get to the finish line!

Vanessa Bogenholm

Vanessa was a very overweight teenager who was in awe of Frank Shorter. She decided to try to run to get fit and at the time she could only run…

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    23 steps. She cried, then decided to not give up and did 25 steps. By the end of that summer when Vanessa turned 14 years old, she had lost 60lbs and raced her first 10 mile race. Vanessa is a personal trainer in San Jose, CA and has run 8 marathons and numerous other races.

Vanessa Wallace

Vanessa is excited to be part of the Biofreeze Berkeley half Ambassador team this year! She is a fan of long distance races and is a multiple…

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    half and marathon finisher, and this summer added ultramarathon runner to her running resume as well after competing her first 50k! She loves to push her limits and enjoys a good running challenge while exploring new places on foot. She can’t wait to run the Berkeley half for her first time this Fall.

Victor Hurtado

Victor turned his life around 5 years ago and went from unhealthy to healthy; 230 pounds to 165 pounds. He enjoys every run to the fullest.

Washington Rezende

Washington R. 36 years old. Pamakids runner. My running journey started 2 years ago. I started with 5k’s and even that short distance was a struggle…

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    for me at the beginning. Running became more than just a sport, it became my passion. I dedicate almost every single day to run, no matter the distance. Running is my therapy, I like to challenge myself and share those great moments with others. Constant training, 30 lbs less and a lot of motivation got me to where I am right now, my timing is way better and most importantly, I know I can improve so much more with effort and discipline.
    10x 5k
    4x 12k
    3x 15k
    9x 21k
    2 x42k
    In training for 50k September 21.