Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon Loyal Runners

Our Loyal Runners are dedicated participants who have run with us year after year and are an integral part of the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon’s vibrant runner community. We thank runners who have run with us three or five consecutive years with an exclusive Three-Year or Five-Year Loyal Runner award, respectively, for their commitment.

Challenge Rules

  • Runners who have finished any combination of the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon distances three or five times consecutively since 2013 will be honored as a Three-Year Loyal Runner or Five-Year Loyal Runner on their third or fifth year, respectively.
  • To be automatically eligible, runners must register for each event with the same first and last name and date of birth.
  • Runners are eligible to receive their Loyal Runner gift at their third or fifth consecutive event.
  • Runners must pick up their Three-Year or Five-Year award on the year that they qualify.
  • Example Combinations for Challenge Qualification
    The following is an example combination eligible for the Three-Year Loyal Runner award in 2018:

    ✓ Any distance at the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon in 2016, 2017, and 2018 (if did not run the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon in 2015)

    The following provides an example event combination NOT eligible for the Three-Year Loyal Runner award in 2018:

    ✕ Any distance at the Biofreeze Berkeley Half  Marathon in 2015, 2016, and 2018 (but not 2017)

Race Instructions

  • Pick up your bib at our Race Weekend Bib Pick-up and check for the Loyal Runner stamp/print on the corner of your bib. You’ll need this stamp to redeem your gift at the Finish Line. If your bib is not marked and you believe you are eligible, please visit the Challenge Solutions Table during Packet Pickup to confirm eligibility and get your bib stamped.
  • Loyal Runner awards will be distributed at the Finish Line and must be picked up on the year they are qualified for.
  • Awards must be picked up in person and will not be mailed for any reason.

Check Your Eligibility

Click below and enter your first and last name and email. Confirmation status will show challenge or loyalty program name and YES if eligible. If you believe your eligibility status is not showing correctly, contact